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Chad Antinora
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I am completely disappointed in "SyFy." For most of my youth I only watched that network really late at night to see TOS reruns. The shows on the network were poorly scripted and shot. It seemed like they only picked up one decent character actor and then chose the rest out of a random parking lot in LA. "Oh you want to be an actor? We'll give you a shot. I'm sure you'll be AWESOME." So, in (not so) short, I never watched the network; when I'd give it another shot, I'd usually regret it. Then I found Eureka (on Netflix) and said, "This is on SyFy?" I got caught up on the 2 seasons I missed in about a week and change and have been watching ever since. THIS is good science fiction! Then they cancel it. And the WAY they did it. "Hey guys, we're gonna pick you up for 2 more seasons!" Then, "Psych! You're cancelled, wrap it up in one season. Thanks for playing!" So now, when Eureka is over, I won't be watching SyFy. I hate 'reality' TV.
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May 18, 2012