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Anne Pauker Kreitzberg
Specialist in management and team effectiveness fascinated with technology
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks, Ruth. It will take a while, but we'll get there!
Hi Isaiha, It's Anne from New Jersey. A friend from Iowa sent me the link to your post. So there it is, an illustration of the power and good that can come of social media. I might not have stumbled upon your post on my own - and most likely never would in the non-virtual world. We have these experiences every day, meeting, sharing, learning and building relationships all over the world through social media. To continue with your metaphor, I guess if Columbus was't a curious guy, didn't have the stick-to-it-iveness required to convince the older generation (i.e., the folks with the funding) that it would be worthwhle giving it a shot, or the willingness to experiment, he might never have left home. There certainly are a lot of challenges that come along with social media - transparency, openess, willingness to take a risk that someone will disagree with you, security and so forth. We work with organizations to help them create a Web 2.0-Friendly Culture, kind of like the one you describe in your post. I agree with you; the tide has shifted but not everyone has decided to get in the water. Anne from NJ (
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2009 on War on Social Media at IowaBiz
Thanks for adding your thoughts, John! Anne
Great piece, Sheryl! Thanks for the link - Anne
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2008 on Keep the BlackBerry! at Leaders In the Know
Glad you find it useful, Chris. I hope others will find time to check it out as well. If you have any experiences with the tool, I hope you'll share them! Best, Anne
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2008 on Social Media Profiling Tool at Leaders In the Know
Art: Caught your webinar last week. Great job! I hope those who missed it will check it out at As financial services top execs continue their free-fall, we see a great example of the road an Extreme "Revenue Drives All" Leader can take -- it can be a great ride, but you can easily end up in a ditch. Just another reason to be a TunedIn Leader. Like you, I think TunedIn is a neat book: straight-forward, great examples and a quick read. Best, Anne
BusinessWeek tech writer Stephen Wildstrom's post concludes with what should be a candidate for a TunedIn Quote of the Day: "If Microsoft has a product that its customers want to buy, it ought to stop arguing with them and sell it. All this cram-down of Vista is accomplishing is to annoy everyone: consumers, corporate buyers, and computer makers." is the link to his blog post.
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You're a wiz at managing your time, Phil - and I'm particularly impressed you made the time to go to your daughter's gymnastics meet! Quite coincidentally, I posted a blog entry recently called, The Power of Persuasion: Don't Waste My Time at Turns out being Tuned In can be very powerful in lots of ways.
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Great post, Art. Just the term "values" feels so over-used in corporate-speak, yet who wants to do business with a company that doesn't have any? Paul's comment reminded me of Jake Mascotte, the former CEO of Continental Insurance. He preferred the "platinum rule": treat others not as we would like to be treated, but rather as they would like to be treated.