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My husband readily admits this is his only purpose to use Linux, to set it up. Ah, the lazy Saturday afternoons, listening to the new and creative cursing, brought on by the fact that he compiled his own kernel and forgot something important... like some kind of I/O like USB or ethernet. All so he could shave parts of a second off the boot time. :)
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Who the hell gets a creepy clown doll as a gift... unless you really hate the person you're giving it too? That clown scares my husband and I to this day!
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And you'll be scored by the BSG composer too. But taikos? Probably not... but maybe? :-) Speaking of which, Frak Evil Wil Wheaton for breaking up Leonard and Penny! Next time you're on (I'm sure you will be), the clown sweater is the only fitting retribution. :)
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Bear McCreary and Wil Wheaton! Win! Bear usually gives everyone themes, so keep your ears open for any recurring musical passages whenever you're on the screen. :) This also means you're one degree from BSG. ;)
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2010 on Eureka! at WWdN: In Exile
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I laugh-snorted when I saw that screenshot. I've got Stella too. I even have the USB proper joystick that you can get online that some retro game fan has manufactured and bundled with Stella... ah, found it: Anyways... I haven't gotten to this one yet on Stella, but my laugh snort was from my inner child, having THE SAME reaction as you did. I was an only child, and as a girl, all my friends were girly-girl and didn't talk about gaming. So I had no idea that this really did suck. I thought I was just doing it wrong. Now thanks to the internets and being officially out as a geek, I know what a sucky game looks like... and it is here. Oh we've come so far. I gotta see if it's as bad as I remember tonight.
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Apr 7, 2010