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Too many meetings is bad, but zero meetings isn't good either. Programmers need to exchange info beyond the need-to-know bases, and meta-communication serves a purpose for creating teams, sharing inspiration and creating a a primodial soup for future feature ideas. It's not nice to be treated like a code producing robot that receives just the minimum info, gets assigned issues and delivers them and that's it. But I wonder what really makes the difference, do teams create the tools or do the tools create the teams. What do you think?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on Meetings: Where Work Goes to Die at Coding Horror
I've always found it strange that, for learning programming and similar subjects, it is easy to find very basic "hello world" tutorials on one hand, and very complex and specific information on the other. This post might be the explanation why. One reason could be that the intermediate range of knowledge is the hardest to communicate - it regards the logic behind the technical aspects. You have to write sentences understandable to someone who doesn't know much on the subject yet, and you need to know what not to take for granted. And putting something that you understand intuitively in words is not easy. But it is very important. Programmers should put in the effort to put into words the precious knowledge and ways of thinking that are in their heads. I thank anyone who is already doing it or going to do it in the future, including Jeff Atwood, clearly. But in the end all sharing of knowledge is precious - even the smallest technical detail or personal experience. So do as Jeff suggests in this post. Please:) I too have started a blog to document my learning process, and I'm finding that now I need to learn blogging as well as programming. Takes practice, but it's very useful. Putting things in my own words also helps me understand them better. I find that if I actually try to explain a subject to myself, in writing, I realize how much do I really know, and which aspects do I need to know better. It helps me move beyond just following my intuition and later getting lost in it. I create maps for myself. BTW English is not my first language, excuse me for any possible errors. Finally I have a chance say thank you for this valuable blog. And for Stack Overflow. I keep thinking I need to start participating there actively, as well, but for now I've been reading it and it's wonderful. Olja Petrovic,
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Feb 4, 2011