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April Driver
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This was well time. My hubby just asked me this week if I planned to start wearing something sexier to bed soon. Thanks for the tips.
I shared this post on FB.
I like the Stormy and Rylan. In sharing this post on FB I did have to point out that wearing Danskos is like driving a minivan; however, we are currently shopping for a minivan. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Thanks for the giveaway!
Thank you! I needed to read this today. My husband is literally on the other side of the planet on a three week business trip. Meanwhile, my almost three-year-old is fighting bedtime and has decided he doesn't need naps while my 8 month old is teething. I am exhausted and grumpy and needed a reminder that this too shall pass.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on How Sleep Trained Us at Ain't No Mom Jeans
I totally needed this post. We love to play outside and being a southern girl living in Colorado, I need warm winter gear. Thanks!
Nordstrom Rack had cute oxfords this weekend. I am rethinking my decision not to buy any. I agree about needing to get some cute tights in my wardrobe.
Thanks for the tip on the bamboo baby clothes. My daughter has been in a spica cast all summer and gets out tomorrow (hallelujah!!). She will be in a brace for several months and I have been stressing out about what she will wear under the brace. I think the bamboo clothing may just be the perfect solution. Love this blog!
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My husband saw your blog today and told me I should go shopping tomorrow. Thank you! I can't wait to but the Frye Jane Strappy boots, new jeans, pretty panties and a poncho. I will feel like a new woman that might actually want to leave the house.
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Jul 15, 2011