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Dear Wil, Most humbly may I ask if your Memories of the Future et all will be winding their way to the Nook? Sorry to be a pest if you answered this before, luv ya. ~Aqua
Toggle Commented May 16, 2011 on Various things I want you to know at WWdN: In Exile
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Hey Wil, Off topic question for you. Would you rather have us buy your books from one of the big box companies like Barnes and Nobel or Amazon, or Lulu? (The ones available at the big box companies anyway). Thanks, Melissa
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2010 on random thoughts from vancouver at WWdN: In Exile
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Wil, this being your first GenCon I hope you come again. Your panel was incredibly moving, and I hope if I am a gamer mom someday, I will be as cool as you. I read that people were hassling you about the no touchy the Wil rule, which my frazzled brain forgot about upon finally meeting you, but, this gamer at least understands. It was my first time meeting you, and I was literally shaking trying to yank my wallet out of my bag as I bought your pictures. I have been a fan for an incredibly long time (ever since you flew the Enterprise that first time) to be absolutely honest. You were my first preteen crush, a follower of your blog, a watcher of you on TV (don't worry I watch and read other things too I'm not a psycho), a reader of your books blah blah blah,,,, But I still understand why you couldn't shake my hand. Because see, you might remember me. Gen-con staff graciously let me up the ramp backwards because my power scooter wouldn't make the turn at the top of the ramp where the line was. In my excitement, I nearly took out your signing table, but you remained gracious (I got number 12 of your book woo!) Even with all that I understood, why pray tell? The whole power chair thing, the large puffy scars on my arms the fact that part of my face has scars like a badger took it's time with it was all from one solitary stinking infection more than two years ago. An infection that lasted about a year with IV antibiotics, surgeries, you name it I had it, and I got it from a tiny scrape, and contact with someone who was in the hospital or worked there. You thought swine flu was bad! Also I had a healthy immune system before all that. (don't worry, the infection has been slayed by the mighty Vancomycin long ago you weren't in danger). One of your fans, a rabid, first time meeting, teenage crush havin fan, understands. Maybe next time I won't be too flustered to ask if you would come round to my power scooter for a picture with you. I hope you enjoyed your scoop of dice though it probably made sure that you had to ship it home, and I hope your sons still game and enjoy some of Chess-ex's finest. Till hopefully your next Gen-Con- Melissa
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Aug 10, 2010