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Haha! You know I was just thinking a really similar thing....looking at countless job listing that read-Qualifications: Must be hard working, takes initiative, detail oriented, team player, go-getter, able to handle multiple projects at once..etc.etc. and I thought to myself exactly how many currently employed people who haven't lost their jobs, who haven't had to hustle and be proactive and pull themselves up out of nothing...who have just been sitting at their ho-hum desks all this time really match that description?? It truly is the laid off peoples who are the troopers...well said!
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Thank you thank you beautiful ladies! It's so easy to feel like you're the only one going through something. I too have been beyond humbled by the job market..I graduated right into a recession and only had a taste of financial freedom before they pulled the I've been out of work for 2 years, working for work, exhausted, and all but abandoned my meditative practices. It's great to hear people write in who really understand, because the most difficult aspect I find is that my best friends and people around me all seem immune, unfeeling or completely out of touch with this reality. What boy? Who has time for that when I'm just trying to survive right? ....maybe this year is just more of the same, that's what I'm getting... but maybe it's how we react to it that can change. Maybe I'll throw up my hands and abandon working for work, looking for work, and just create what's most meaningful to me...take back my yoga, my sanity, my time...and start asking what boy? ....It might be unwise...but I think I'd rather live and be happy than survive and be miserable
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