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Hugo Chavez is a disgusting tyrant dictator...beloved by some in his country just like Fidel Castro. He is a threat to the U.S. He has money, he has power and he has supported anti-American movements for years. Liberals that don't believe this are as naive and ignorant as the people that actually like Chavez...the same people that would vote for Obama. Think about this liberals when you look at Obama! U.S. total debt is $57 trillion dollars costing every man, woman and child in this country $181,000...$684,000 per family. 47 million are on the exploding food stamps program and 13 million are unemployed and less than 50% of working folks pay no federal taxes and now we're harboring more illegal aliens than ever with no control of our boarders. Add in Obamacare...the 31% average tax on the middle class health premiums and the largest entitlement expansion that was never disguised as a tax...another Obama lie and we are on a path of bankruptcy. You want the American dream for your children....It won't exist in 4 years with the failure Obama destroying our country.
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Jul 12, 2012