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Pam I sent this clown a comment. Not that it will do anything because people like this are all over the country in denial. He represents a little piss hole of a paper I wouldn't make much of it. We are in a war for the long haul. I can't wait for the Benghazi hearings. Slowly we are gaining ground. There are many of us joining you in the fight and you can be sure we are with you all the way. Even Europe is beginning to show movement to the right. It takes a lot. I always am reminded of your favorite mantra and that is the "Truth has become the new hate speech". So true
It seems that no one knows what to believe anymore and that is sad. The enemedia covers for all those in Washington especially for those who are anti-America. Rinos are joining forces with the left and Washington and this administration gets a pass in every lie and coverup. What to do? No wonder your fiend are confused.
Let's not forget that Al Gore wouldn't sell his TV network to Glen Beck but he sure found a friend in Al Jazeera. Why would he do that? I guess he was really for protecting America from foreign propaganda, Fair and Balanced News.
I am scared to death when politicians try to make the world a better place that becomes code for spending your money unwisely.
Get out your checkbooks and pile it on. This is one powerful way to wake up America. The Truth is hard to take but in fact it is the Truth. We are not even talking about the persecutions of Jews, Christians,Hindus, and others yet. They want a war they got it.
This guy lets her totally off the hook. She surely doesn't have a problem taking her paycheck every week does she? She never got to see the memo request for help? Well who did? What did she know and if nothing why not? What the hell is her job to kiss rings, wear hijabs, and look submissive? She spent $70,000 dollars on a stupid advertizement spree in Pakistan apologizing for the video that never was. Who and where did her talking points come from on the fake lies about the video she tried to blame for the deaths of our fellow Americans? I wish I was in that room with her you would be able to fry an egg on my head I would be so angry especially with the response of "What difference does it make"? Maybe it would mean something to the families of the deceased that she is directly responsible for and gets paid for. Of course the American people don't need any answers we should just blindly believe in her word, well I don't.
M. You take the stance that Pam must be discredited in this case but I know of no other blog where there are numerous foot notes and tags that allow one to self educate. This is a quality and highly trusted web sight along with Jihad Watch. Listening to your opinion as opposed to Pam's credentials for informative articles and trusted insight is like taking advice from Homer Simpson (you) vs. Pamela Geller.
So this is what an Islamic cleric looks like? This is a respected religious leader that Morsi and his ilk support? Really? And we are giving the Egyptians billions of dollar for what? How is the middle east going to ever change with this for leadership? Pissing on the bible, and telling your grandchild to do the same is so tolerant. With a clerics like this who needs satin?
Bravo, well written as usual. Your clear presentation of what the main stream enemedia stands for allows all freedom loving Americans to decide for themselves by way of discussion and clear debate on the issues presented before us. You have shown with clear determination that they ( the enemedia, and of course Sharia loving Islamist s ) are not willing to debate you or have an intellectual discourse they would rather just silence you, and us into submission. It won't happen here.
@Mark B You are typical bury your head in the sand fake democratic human who believes that evil will just dissipate if you turn a blind eye to the truth. Really? There is nothing to worry about? Wake up buddy before you find your head rolling down the pavement. You are the problem, the so called tolerant. Yea your tolerant as long as it isn't your butt. You are one of those fools that call the EDL terrorists, and criminals. You are the criminal. You have it all backwards that's why the religion of peace is taking over your cities and streets because you have no guts. Why don't you read Winston Churchill and see what he had to say about Islam? You fool. Pamela Geller has more honor and desire for free speech than you proclaim to have. We have to work within the law by demonstrating, writing, and politically calling for a ban on subversive activity to overthrow ones government. We call this FREEDOM. You forget that even we INFIDELS have a right to defend our lives. You make me sick. By the way Nazis had a similar ideology to form a world of submission and are you going to tell me the good people of Germany would dare stand up to Hitler? The majority (obviously) of Germans were afraid, scared, and didn't want to make waves. Where did that get them? They even probably thought as you do that this will never fly. All that took place what sixty eight years ago and already you have forgotten you history lesson? Do you even know about the historical Caliphate that did exist whereby Islam ruled Europe, and North Africa, India and on and on? Keep telling yourself everything is fine. Here we know better.
What I find interesting here as to what is happening in New Jersey is that the Arab community can condemn an American Jewish Congressman for being Jewish and caring about his fellow Jews in Israel but the Muslims (who claim they are Americans but have yet to support American involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflicts in the ME) flagrantly support questionable groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and groups such as MAS, ISNA, and CAIR all umbrellas of the Muslim Brotherhood. They condemn this congressman for what they flagrantly do themselves. Thank God Americans are finally seeing the double standards in these Muslim's own actions. There is nothing that prevents any congressman for being in support of true American allies such as Israel. Wake up America.
Pamela and Robert we wish you all of God's divine providence and that you realize that we love you and stand by you. Please realize that we will write, and submit any letters, show up at any demo, and stand by you whenever you call for our support. You know and have seen the impact that you have had on all of us who are forever committed to the same ideas of freedom and free speech. We defend the United States and the Constitution. You are in our prayers.
Wake up America we are being lied to and used through out the country by Islamists. Reza is a liar and a fake American. He has one agenda and that is to do with undermining the principles of freedom and the implementation of Sharia on all countries except he won't tell you that.
It is so obvious what CAIR represents yet the MSM ignores its diabolical intent which is to silence freedom forever and eliminate our Constitution. Where are our Senators and Congressmen calling for an investigation into this slimy organization plus the many others begotten by the Muslim brotherhood? The MSM gives a pass and even backs the actions of the sick Justice Dept. & CAIR to call into question the work of the NYPD and their commitment to protect the center of commerce of this country. Americans ought to be outraged; how quickly we have forgotten 9/11. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.
What makes me sick is the MSM goes after things like Newt's divorce, or Romney's Ladder Day Saint faith, or Santorem's way of dealing with the death of his child, or Rush Limbaugh's calling a student a slut for spending $3000. dollars a year for contraception and expecting Americans to pay that bill while she chooses to go to a Catholic College at our expense that's all fine. When it comes to transparency the biggest fighters against it is the media. The media have been protecting this guy ever since he came on the scene and to think that the White House tried to hide from the public such a thing as President Roosevelt's paralyzed leg. Every president has their lives exposed to public scrutiny by not Obama. This isn't suppose to be a story, or a scoop? If this were President Bush and the circumstances were reversed the media would have been all over this story in a heartbeat. No?
A tragic loss for all of us. Andre has certainly raised the bar for all of us. He will always be remembered as a warrior as is Pamela, Robert and the many who are not afraid to take the reigns and lead the way. Thank you so much Andre and may God always be with you and your family. We love you.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Andrew Breitbart, RIP (1969-2012) at Atlas Shrugs
Why didn't the police arrest the whole family for resisting arrest? Notice how the father gets away with his behavior and they take the mother into custody. Men can call all the shots in Islam but the women of course carry out the dirty deeds. Why are we taking people from these Arabic countries anyhow? Does anyone see what the cost is going to be in the near future if we have to house mothers and fathers in prison for Sharia actions carried out in the name of Allah? What the hell we can't even afford incarcerating real criminals. Prisons across the whole USA are struggling to get these criminals out of prison before their sentences are completed because of overcrowding. Just think of the cost in the social welfare area when these people have multiple children and the mothers and fathers go to jail for beating them because they basically feel they don't want their children mixing with the kaffir. Boy this is really getting to be crazy and our politicians are only making it easier for them to immigrate.
Things just seem to be getting better and better in the U.S.A. This Congressman isn't even charged with treason or the naturalized citizens charged and stripped of their citizenship and sent back to their countries of origin. Please when are we going to get serious here? This is pure treason to cover up activity of espionage and undermining the protection of the Homeland. What does the Obama Adm. do? They go after JW.and AtlasS. This is insanity. The next question is when is Congress going to wake up and smell the stinking coffee?
The only conservatives in this race worth looking at was Santorum and Bachmann. Newt and Romney have sung to both choirs and we need decisive leadership. The big question is can the Republican Party get behind him? One good thing for sure even though you have not heard any mention about the Tea Party they are out there and they will back Santorum. The Tea Party has been quiet and working behind the scenes as they were in 2010 when they sent 70 + new representatives to Washington. Once this whole thing gets started the Tea Party will be out in full force and they do want a true Conservative who wants to preserve American principles. They also want to confront the ideology of Islamic supremacists.
Being a soldier of Islam is no an indicator of radical Islam because he is not a member of Al Qaeda, in other words if he was not an Al Qaeda fighter and was fighting for Allah they obviously are not the same. In other words there is no indication that there that there is an indicator. The indicator must fit our profile of indicators which are narrow enough that we are all OK. This is the Truth because I follow it where ever it leads me which could be anywhere as long as it fits my directive of specific indicators. Get it? These people are paid morons.
I would just like to say that anyone including myself who follows the Christian faith know that Jesus never ever refuted or condemned Judaism in fact He re-establishes the promises and legitimacy of Judaism through Abraham and the Law as he spoke to the Samaritan at the well. Jesus even goes so far as to test the women as to her being a gentile but yet she persists in the conversation. What this teaches all Christians is that our roots are in Judaism and we embrace it as part of our historical traditions through the teaching of Christ. The point is this is the 21st century and we ought to have passed the destructive criticisms of our faiths and try to respect and learn how we can come closer together in love and caring. Would it be better for this Rabbi that Christians turn a blind eye to the dangers facing Israel and all faiths or face the fact that we need one another to combat Islamism which threatens the whole of mankind? If Christians are going to be damned for supporting Israel so be it, it is the right thing to do both morally and spiritually for us.
When America wakes up to what this president and his administration has been up to all along since the beginning of Obamas presidency they we find themselves deceived and angry. This is just the beginning of the end for the OIC and the United Nations. Pamela and Robert will reap the fruits of their labors watch and see. There is a lot of junk that the American patriots are faced with but we will take this country back slowly but surely. Congratulations to all of you that have been working tirelessly in fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy and hold precious to our hearts. God Bless all of you.
I have my doubts but I think that Sarah is really the only one that is strong enough to bring it all together. Romney is not the man especially since he is being put forth as the top contender by the MSM. They would love us to believe in him because they know he would loose, the same goes for Perry an even weaker candidate. He is a RINO. Sarah is stronger than Bachmann & Cain. Bring it on Sarah lets go for the gold.
Hey Quirky take the cheese like all your rat buddies working for that communist socialist agenda and eat it. You are all a bunch of sell outs. You put your incomes before your own families and country.
Stealthie and Madeline all I can say is you go get em. Madeline you have really said it all.