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Free speach tell that to Islamists.
Blame Bush or just ignore the whole thing as the media has done. if it was'nt for Americans writing their Congressman we would'nt be talking about this.
This is actually laughable. The stupid army can't even handle what they have to deal with how in the world are they going to keep after all these designated groups? This is such a joke that they can't even afford paying our troops let alone going after all these so called designated hate groups. This is sooo funny.
Just sent in my Indiegogo support letter for AFDI
Good job Pamela the war is on. This is what we want for Americans to wake up, just came across this great Thomas Jefferson quote "It behooves every man/woman who values liberty of conscience for himself/herself to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances become his/her own."
All I can say is stick with Pamela and Robert and you can't possibly go wrong. We need to support and be by them every step of the way. Theirs are the most important sites on the web. Where else can you get the TRUTH as to what is really happening in present time? The article in the Investors Business Daily is hopeful but we need to see more and more exposure in the MSM and it will come because everything that Pamela and Robert have said cannot be refuted and the enemy knows it. Look at the coverage she gave on Benghazi telling us from the beginning that the video was a cover up and it was. While we all knew what was really going on the MSM were playing to Obama s bullshit video story. Tell your friends and relatives to bookmark Pamela and Robert's websites on their computers if they really want to be on the in.
Let a Christian, Jew, or any other male regardless of religious affiliation try getting away with this bull shit and see how fast your trial would come if you were lucky enough to get one. Wake up England you are looking extremely stupid with your dumb ass tolerance.
Hell of a way to fight a war, take them to trial. One thing for sure the scum sucking lawyers love it don't they?
Pamela thanks again for your bravery. You have truly inspired us all with your strength and courage. Just to let you know I started fighting back right after 9/11 and never quit. Every time I hear your voice and witness your courage it just fires me up. You are so right this is the fight of our lives and there is no choice but to get involved.
Get out your pens and send your requests to Rep. Michael T. McCaul to continue to haunt Holder. We need to get Congress to see these documents. Can you believe that Holder gave the documents to the HLF defense team but refuses to give them to Congress? Where is the media on this one? I just can't believe where this is all going. Of course Pamela and Robert have been telling us how bad it is for years. It just keeps getting worse.
John is BS is published here then why are you here? Why don't you go and listen to Al Jazeera or Huff Po? By the way you really haven't learned a thing about Islam if you think they are interested in Co Existence have you? If you are going to post it would be nice if you knew what you were talking about.
Gutless wonder is right on the money, why don't we begin our own movement of divesting, boycotting, and putting sanctions on all Sharia compliant Islamic countries? Let's start by ridding ourselves of oil.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2012 on Gutless Wonder at Atlas Shrugs
Yea the left will respond only when there cats, dogs, trees, and water are in jeopardy but when it comes to slaughtering millions of humans who cares? Islam has been doing this for hundreds of years and not once do they admit it. Ask any Armenian.
Even worse he trashes this country at every turn. Go figure. One other point he didn't even want to spend a dime for protection in our embassy in Libya and threw our Ambassador, his aide, and two marines to the dogs. Some president. Go spend Obama your time is up very soon and hopefully you will be brought up on treason by this country which you deserve wholeheartedly.
As usual well said Robert may God help us to wake up before it is too late.
How is it that we give 1.5 B to Pakistan and they in turn use $100,000 dollars to kill the producer some idiotic you tube video? Isn't this our own money being used by these dim whit mullahs and the Pakistani government to finance this crap? No wonder they keep asking us for more money, the treasury must empty out pretty quickly using their money for all the Jihad. You go Obama and Hillary pretty intelligent strategy.
Yes this is the religion of peace.
Hey how about this one? Where is the outcry from the Religion of Peace? Why are Muslims in this country not speaking out against these horrendous acts against humanity? Why not, because it is sanctioned by their Qur'an that's why. Where are any of them defending against these crimes no but they sure are quick to cry Islamaphobia in the free world. Yes lets all wait around for the religion of peace to recognize their call to defend the innocent. Don't hold your breath though.
Jesus son of John please stop with your quotes, as you seem oblivious that we really don't need to hear your own quotes. Why don't you just admit to the atrocious acts being committed in the name of Allah toward Christians and Jews in Europe, and the Middle East. Why don't you address your own with your pious quotes and try to get them to buy into your savage faith. I really don't see any Muslims crying out for justice for Jews or Christians, or anyone else for that matter in Muslim dominated countries. Don't lecture us about peace show it with your actions. You are talking to the wrong blog, go share your thoughts with your anti-west, anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Hindu, anti whatever brothers and let them hear your peace and love sermon. Please get a life.
Go team Go. Fight for whats right. Give them hell, and turn the tides. Bring it on CAIR, ISNA, and all you anti's. Let the games begin. By the way let's reach out to our brothers through out the world who are held under the tyranny of the ideology of Islamism, communism, socialism, and progressive crap. Check it out the answers are really in our founding fathers actions and the creation of our Constitution. It is the way. And for all you fools that think that religion has no place in government you are wrong, it was always intended that the government wouldn't become religion but that those who believed in a higher being had the right to help form their government. There is a big difference. The founders did not intend for a godless society by one that would take the shared values from all denominations and create that government that would allow for TOLERANCE even for atheists. Islam will have none of it and that is a HUGE problem. P.S. Read the story about Roger Williams.
This is the problem with judges and courts today. The U.S. appeals court in New York had ruled in 2008 that the Saudi royal family and other defendants enjoy immunity from such lawsuits such as funneling (laundering) money to al-Qaida. What the hell it still goes on today by way of Sharia finance but I guess the judges have the right to put Americans under Saudi rule. Can anyone explain this insanity to me? I am really at a loss. I just can't seem to comprehend how these evil men can get away with murder. Even further I can't understand how being complicit in the deaths of thousands in New Yorkers, New York can protect Saudi royalty over American citizenry. I always thought that America was sovereign country and that we could arrest anyone found guilty of murder in the second degree.
Cinnamon your comment makes no sense unless you elaborate. What justifies the murdering of your own child who does not see life as you do? Your family history relates to this story in what way? You make no sense.
I tried sending e-mail to all the above addresses but got failed request responses from the web mail. I don't know what is happening if they got through but I tried. This is such a sad moment for millions of Christians through out the world and I hope America quickly wakes up and responds especially in Washington where things could actually get done if they only open their eyes to the persecutions going on. We all need to put more pressure on Washington.
This is just pure foolishness. You mean to tell us that some American Islamaphobic is running around the neighborhood in daylight then breaks into a house in the morning when all family members are up and around and kills just the mother and doesn't kill any witnesses in the house? Yea right. If the cops don't figure this one out I am sure Pamela will help them.