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Looks like there's enough variety in the way Dragon Age can play out that even just playing thru each of the available origins won't get you all the possible scenarios. I know I had a blast with it and am only taking a break so I can hit Mass Effect 2.
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I'm not sure which is more awesome. That you got to do it or that they managed to keep a fairly tight lid on for this long. Either way, wicked cool, dude!
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I'm not sure but I think I have all of those. And I say "I'm not sure" because while several of my friends were, I never got into playing anything like that. Unless you count Oblivion and Morrowind on my Xbox once in awhile nowadays. I have the books because somewhere along the way someone said "Do you want these?" and for me the answer to that question is always "Yes."
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on making plans for nigel at WWdN: In Exile
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West is a jackass. What's the big deal? And so is that Moran, for that matter.
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One night after work I decided I pulled into a Stop-N-Rob to get a gallon of milk on the way home. Right after I pulled into the parking lot, I heard the crash. The car coming up behind me slammed into the car that had been in front of me (he was slowing to pull into the Stop-N-Rob, too, at the next entrance) spinning him around in the process. Literally not more than a second or two kept me from being the one sent spinning. Then there's the relatively new T-intersection that still catches people off guard. Twice now I've made my left turn (with the green light, thank you) only to have some yutz barreling down the main street go thru the red and nearly land on my rear bumper. Drive defensively - buy a tank.
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