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You will notice a bug for Defense colony as its too close to the center of the city. This should be fixed shortly.
Dev, We at Localbeat do just what you are looking for. We are popular and highly rated on Android and iPhone is starting to do well. Here is a quick overview of our service - Local content curation in India is valuable but delivery mechanism is going to be key. Look forward to hearing your feedback. Cheers!
Good post and fabulous post on medianama. However, I would'nt bet on 4G services (seems like a bet on 3G). The truth of the matter is the simple services where the loop can be closed dont require serious bandwidth. You nailed the infrastructure issue on your post on medianama. Agreed, the future does look bright. The real question is how does one survive this winter before the upcoming spring and summer. Raising Capital around mobile ventures is rather painful at this point. Good to see ex-entrepreneurs going to the other side. The Indian ecosystem definitely needs more of ex-entrepreneurs, otherwise we will have to keep explaining the comparison of angry birds to the mba dudes.
Big fan of how you have been able to morph yourself successfully through 2009! Kudos to you and your team. But most importantly a thousand twitter's will be blooming soon on statusnet & OMB. Which would mean that connecting to them would be important. Can you imagine a blogging client just for wordpress or type now? Pls add support for statusnet & OMB. Thx!
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Jan 3, 2010