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... And it can be spelled ya'll. Y'all is preferable, but don't be challenging my country litterchure, OK?
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Kimbo Slice challenges me to a fight at Wet Wily's? Mando doesn't show because Mando's wife kicks his butt for going out without her.
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Cuban, I'm thinking about sitting out by the pool today. LOL.
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Ken, read the column. I like what Henne has done and I love his potential.
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Cuban, I like Kool-Aid just like any other sugary, calorie-filled drinks that quench thirst and relieve the hot Miami ... winters. But I also believe Chad Henne has taken over and not really hurt the Dolphins. I really believe the young corners are good now and will be really good in years to come. I really believe Soliai is starting to get it. Not there yet, but not a disaster he was in 2007. So yeah, I believe in those guys.
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Dec 15, 2009