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As a So Cal rugby fan over the last 20 years, I am disappointed to see Belmont drop out. They are doing what is best for their club and hopefully will play near the top of D1 after their restructuring. Besides loving the game, I question what the deep pocket / benefactor types get for their money? 80 spectators (including dogs) at a RSL 1/4 final and the thanks of 45 club members would not quite do it for me to pony up $25k+ to a men's club. This is especially so when I think back to big club rivalry Saturdays in the early to mid nineties when 200 - 350 spectators (including lower side players) were present. If I were in a position to give 25k to a rugby cause, it would more likely do some good as a start of, or a contribution to a HS or college club endowment from which they might draw seasonal operating funds. The returns would seem to be greater than what (appears from the outside and is confirmed continually on this blog) to be a thankless gift. bombs away!
Eagle player, All due respect as I never played at your level but I did watch as the Welsh B team beat the Eagles like a rented mule by 80 or so points. I do love the game and would love to support U.S. rugby more. The kind of beatings the Eagles have taken against serious teams can not hope to grow the game or create more fans/supporters. It may be true that this round of coaches/administrators does no better but to continue with the status quo was nonsense. It was true that Billups had no money to improve his product and it was true that Arnot had no quality product to sell to any sponsors. The new group may not be the answer but they have to be given a chance. Hopefully, someone like Solomans can at least shame sponsors into giving up some of the serious money it will take to get a better product on the field. Can anyone truly say that Ford, Nike, etc... would have felt they realized bang for the buck after the Eagles/Wales match? As I read here or in another of the US Rugby related sites - how about a voluntary Eagles tax to the CIPP membership? Would that not be a good barometer of how the membership feels toward the Eagles/players/coaches/administrators as a whole? Mark Mowry was correct about the community in their 40's/50's with disposable income. Could you not get 100 Eagles sponsors for a $1000 tax deductable donation? Give them an embroidered golf shirt, comp tix to an Eagles match or LA 7's, let them in an Eagles sponsors hospitality area, let the players do a 1 hour hand pressing /thank you session and raise $100,000 quickly for only $15,000 max in real costs? While $85,000 is not a windfall it is an easy and acheivable place to start. Could a $21,225 stipend to 4 NFL camp cuts not help the 15's Eagles or 7's Eagles? The new Serevi - William Ryder was a soccer player not a rugby player when he was found. True, he grew up in a rugby culture country but I bet there are 25 guys cut from the NFL or other sports camps that could dust him in a 100m sprint. A 100m sprint is not rugby but it is a start to what the Eagles need on the rugby pitch. Give the stipend to Eagles players to tell their bosses to go to hell. Use it somewhere that will get results. Give the new blood a chance or continue being a doormat for the world.