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Does it require both participant to have HD cams?
Why not extend this to everyone? Wondering if it costs more for Skype to support SIP. If people can use Skype in device of their choice, there will be significant boost to Skype uptake. Skype has already partnered with several device manufacturers that support Skype on various devices, why not make it open so that consumers do not have to buy multiple devices.
TruPhone crashes on me even with the latest updates. Since Truphone was offering free calls today (Thanksgiving), I thought it would be a good time to test it out before buying any credits. But, looks like its not ready for prime time :(
Great news, at least GV is forcing some companies to get up and do something. Consumers can surely expect some great offerings from telecom providers. Meanwhile, if you want to extend the features of Google Voice read how to enable SIP on Google Voice ( or how to enable push notifications (
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Like everyone else, I hate Apple for doing this, but in the long run we may thank Apple for blocking Google Voice. It presents a great opportunity for everyone.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2009 on Google Loses It's iPhone Voice at VoIPWatch