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arthur great
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It remains to be seen if the Celtics need West & Green, but this article definitely needs Strunk & White.
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Can we shut up about Rondo's "attitude" now?
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Yes, everyone, let's pick on and ship out one of the only guys who brought it in game 2. Maybe Rondo's tired of deferring to guys who can't keep up. You see them just standing stone-footed on offense. What's Rondo supposed to do with that? I think there's a fine line between being influenced by veterans and being smothered by them, and we're on the wrong side of that line right now.
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Kudos to Jackie. Basketball is lucky to have her. And it's such a rarity to hear what's on Rondo's mind. It's reassuring. He's got his flaws, but I really, really like this kid.
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I have a feeling Rondo's numbers would be even gaudier if he were in Minnesota. Although they'd still probably be an awful team.
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"...and the flu-like symptoms of Gilbert Arenas forced the starters..." Are we sure it's not the flu that has Gilbert Arenas-like symptoms?
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Apr 5, 2011