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This from Hoopshype, say it ain't so Ron. ===== "Say goodbye to Ron Artest and HELLOOOO to Metta World Peace ... Mr. Metta World Peace to you. Yes, Ron is going the way of Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor and Chad Johnson. Ron's filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to -- World Peace. FYI, metta means loving, kindness, happiness and all that jazz. LOS ANGELES LAKERS, RON ARTEST"
So if we don’t trade him (Pau), the chances are good that he will be more motivated than he was last year. ………………………. TOM ==== At least until the trade deadline passes next year... :)
LTLF -Larry Coon reported that he heard reports that the Lakers offered Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love and he #2. ======== That trade would be sort of a surprise, doesn't do anything to improve one of their biggest weaknesses though that being outside shooting or the PG issue. But then maybe the Lakers could put together a trade for a shooter or PG with that #2 pick plus spare parts, but time is running out...
Seriously MM? Isn't this the type of article to put out just before the season starts? Before the CBA is done, before anyone knows what the Lakers roster, or any other teams roster will look like for sure, you can already proclaim the Lakers won't win next year. Do tell, who will be in the Finals next year? Sometimes, not publishing a new story would be better than something like this, unless the motivation is to just agitate the readers and generate responses. If that's the case, ok, fine, it worked.
What a SAD state that lakerholics are praying, pleading and hoping for a Mav’s win. This is what you have been REDUCED to, a pathetic SAD @zz fans. Posted by: Lionel ======= Whew, kinda harsh!! Lionel, Are you upset because your trains are broken...
He walked in, chose a side without doing research and started to slam anyone who disagreed with his point of view. Furthermore, he refused to do any research to see if any differing opinion had merit. Posted by: hobbitmage ======= In a nutshell... ===== Cyber, It would be fine with me if this issue isn't brought up anymore, but it has absolutely nothing to do with TrueFan.
Rumors say Lakers are possibly interested in a deal with the T-Wolves for the #2 pick in the draft. That supposedly will be Derrick William, a 6', 8", 235 lb forward from Arizona who some say ois the best player available this year. But the Wolves want Pau in exchange. Seems a stretch but if the Lakers could Williams and a Wolves PG and pieces well, who knows. Here's the rest of the story:
PSP, Lol, funny. Yep, you're right about beating them horses to a pulp and then some. That's ok, no problem here. ==== Yello, Agree with the threads topic comment you made. No threads related to reality shows, rap songs, anything to do with the Kardasians and/or perfumes, etc. I would add to the list two more items, but this is just me, maybe others like this stuff: 1) No more multiple threads on the same issue 2) No more threads on a subject that's already been written about by the other Laker writers unless it has new, updated information. I do think that the thread quality has improved a bit since the season ended. The only one I disagree with you about is the Brown on Lopez show. I kinda like being able to see a vid clip if any of the Lakers are gunna be on a TV show like the recent clip of Brown on Lopez.
Ranking the Lakers' five biggest off-season needs MM, That's a good list, seems right, but you don't come across as very optimistic that the Lakers (as they are) can come back strong next year with a few tweaks. There have been a lot of trade possibilities thrown out here, do you have any trade ideas of your own you think the Lakers should make (other than getting Dwight and CP)?
You guys are kinda funny with that whole practice season thing. It's dead and gone. Just have a bonfire and throw it in. RIP
man I hope Dfish is better at negotiation than being a PG Posted by: Tech N9ne ======= Ha ha, funny. Don't we all...
Tech N9ne, You're missing some good basketball not watching the Finals. I wasn't real interested in either team before the Finals but the games grow on you. It's been an entertaining series. Try it, you'll like it. :)
That mistake being that I did not fully appreciate Jordan’s game as I was bitter how Magic went out. This year I marveled at how much more complete Lebron’s game has been. Up to this series he was making the right play, his shot selection was better, and he was taking the 3 at the right moment vs jacking them up and he was making it. I was really getting over my Lebron hate and jealousy and appreciating him as a great NBA player. Saying that of course I have been rooting against him, but I’m leaving my bias hate for the guy and judging him solely on his performance on the court. I personally DO NOT UNDERSTAND that performance yesterday. It totally reminded me of the last two games against Boston last year. Posted by: NBA4eternity ================= NBA4, Thats' funny, the part about not liking MJ, I felt the same way. I couldn't stand him for the same reasons and like you, am trying to judge LeBron on his play only. As for the last game, who knows, but I do have a theory. Wade was rolling and had the hot hand, LBJ didn't. So, trying to be a good team player, he deferred to Wade. I suspect he is fighting a battle of sorts of wanting to be a good team player and not wanting to take away from Wade, especially when Wade has it going. He may still be working out how aggressive to be and when to be aggressive. I also suspect maybeLBJ is more nervous than Wade playing in the Finals. He may be making the mistake of playing not to lose instead of playing to win and is afraid to screw it up, so not shooting is better than shooting and missing. I think he'll get over it. It took Dirk what seems like forever to become what he is now. I think LeBron will get there sooner or later.
Art when you said this " The key is everyone buying into coach Browns plans and being hungry." I do have a problem with that because thats what MB thinks, he thinks our LA guys are hungry, do you guys think that too? I certinly don't and I will tell you why, did our team look hungry when we VS'ed the NOLA? no other than KOBE's posturized dunk, we looked tired and drained, Did the team look hungry when we VS'ed the Mavs? Nope it looks like they were playing street ball and the outcome wouldn't even matter. Now thats what I see, if MB thinks they are hungry then let him, but from what we have seen, they looked like they didnt care. No one showed up to MB's press conference, except MATT BARNES, everyones out on vacation or doing reality TV shows or charities, I mean come on MB, do you really think thats a hungry team? are they showing their hunger by not congradulating their new coach? all I'm saying is to me this team looked anything but hungry, how about full and annoyed?! so yeah thats my 2 cents! Posted by: Tech N9ne ======= Tech N9ne, Your comments certainly are accurate for describing this past season. My hope is that there is some embarrassment or anger for what happened similar to losing the Finals against the Celts in '08. I think there was a chemistry breakdown somewhere along the line and they just didn't have the fight or energy in them anymore but after a long summer off and a new head coach I'm hoping a new fire gets lit under them. A big concern I have is whether or not Brown can reestablish the chemistry and trust needed. I think that's the key to next season. If dissension continues, if some of the players just don't like each other anymore, then some big changes will need to be made. I admit they aren't off to a great start for the way the welcomed, or failed to welcome their new head coach but I consider that part of this past seasons problems. When camp opens and they need to get their heads straight that's where I look for them to come together. I don't know if it will happen. I suspect there may be some deep seated issues that need straightened out (see Laker Tom, you aren't crazy after all. ummm...).
Tech N9ne, Well ya know, I was thinking, wouldn't it be something if all the types of players everyone says we need like a faster PG, athleticism and outside shooting, was already right there in our own backyard. We go looking all over the league but maybe no need. Hard to say. Everyone knows PJ wouldn't play youth so it's hard to know what's there. Trey J, Ebanks, maybe even Caracter has some potential. It might make some sense to go with what we've got. I read even Joe Smith might be back though I don't understand that one. But there will be a few roster spots open for a few players to pick up on the cheap that might actually make an impact off the bench. They still have until the trade deadline to evaluate and see if there are any rumblings from Howard, CP, D Will and any others about wanting out of there present situation. If something comes along like a too good to turn down deal (Pau for Kwame etc) then go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind some of the trades that have been discussed but it won't bother me if the Lakers open camp pretty much the same and see how it goes though the thought of Fish starting, yet again, does bother me. I am in the camp of hold tight and see what Mike Brown can do. It will become clear soon enough. The key is everyone buying into coach Browns plans and being hungry. If they don't do that, if it appears they are still thinking "practice season", then look for trades, blockbuster or not, anything goes if the players don't respond.
SSR has a report card on Trey Johnson. Does anyone think he could be an upgrade over Fish/Blake or is he just too much of an unknown? ======= FYI, yesterday they did a report card on Sasha that was interesting. Here's a snip I thought was interesting: ======= "It would be easy to let Sasha's minuscule contribution to this year's team go unnoticed, to ignore the few minutes he played, to pass over what exactly Sasha brought to the table. After all, he was shipped out for the NBA equivalent of a half a pack of year-old twinkies, and he was hardly missed upon his departure. So why bother? Because he was missed, terribly. Not the actual player, but the idea of him. Sasha gets a report card, (spoiler alert) a massively failing one, because of how desperately the Lakers needed someone to fill the exact role that was supposed to be his this season." "Sasha was supposed to be this team's shooter. Check that, he was supposed to be last year's shooter... or maybe the year before that. Many moons ago, when Mitch Kupchak decided to reward Sasha's one good season with a decent size contract, it was decided. Sasha is the guy we go to when we need someone to drain a three point shot. He'll be the one who spaces the floor, who can run off screens and fire up a quick three with little space. That will be what Sasha does." "You don't need me to tell you that Sasha never delivered. Not on that contract, not on the promise he showed in that one fateful season. Since 2009, Sasha has been consistently abysmal. That's why he was deemed so expendable this season, despite the fact that his "role" was one the Lakers were so desperately in need of. That's why few in Laker Nation shed a tear at his departure, even as the rest of the team couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Sasha was a shooter who couldn't shoot, a pest who annoyed only his own bosses. He simply wasn't capable of being the player the Lakers needed him to be."
@ LT, "Loved listening to Colin Cowherd stupidly try to explain why LeBron is still the greatest player in the league even though he just pulled a Gasol on his team." ===== Pulled a Gasol, that's funny. ===== Yellowfever, I understand and don't disagree with that. I get it that LeBron is not carrying the team offensively, Wade is. LBJ isn't scoring like what is expected of him and is taking the heat for it. I wouldn't be surprised if he came through offensively before this is over, but if he doesn't light it up offensively he is at least doing the job on defense and as a facilitator. Overall it isn't that big of a deal to me, I just try to enjoy the games no matter who's playing and this has been a pretty entertaining series.
The new coach seems to be an upbeat, energetic guy. Appears to be a straight talker but who knows for sure from just an 8 minute clip. He sure seems likable. Interesting to hear the audience vote on getting Howard. Wonder where George got the Ring from. Reading the tea leaves, if I were Fish I would be thinking, uh-oh.
Guys, please tell me I’m crazy and nothings wrong. ………………………………………… TOM Posted by: LakerTom ======= LT, You're crazy and nothings wrong. Actually, I'm probably only half right about that, there does appear to be something wrong.
No matter how Wade tries to portray the two of them together, doing press conference interviews (they lost their third wheel a long time ago!), sharing in the blame, sharing in the victories, sharing in whatever goes right or wrong... Posted by: CyberCosmiX ======= Cyber, This statement is a little confusing on what you mean. It seems to me this is what a leader should do. LeBron may not be as "clutch" as Wade however the 'big 3' have done a very good job this year sharing and playing together as a team. There were times Wade was hot and took the most shots, times where LeBron was hot and took the most shots, times when it was Bosh and times where they all took about the same. They sacrificed salary and came together and don't throw each other 'under the bus'. They win together or lose together, share the credit and the blame. I wish I could say the same about the Lakers. LaBron has had his moments this year and they wouldn't be where they are without him. If the Lakers had LeBron they might still be playing. I am not a LeBron fan or Heat fan but they have really done it right this year and deserve more credit than criticism.
:-( That would be very cool, Brown and Kobe on the show making nice and putting closure on the issue once and for all.
Unless he wants a lot of speculation that he's unhappy with the direction of the team again, he'll have to take a few minutes pretty soon and answer some of these questions. Posted by: BayToLA1 ======= Bay, While I don't think this was the right time and place, I agree with your comment that he needs to address this just because he is Kobe as well as the team leader and inquiring minds wanna know and the longer he takes to address it the more it 'appears' he is not on board with it. Even his silence sends a message. Maybe his feelings were hurt, whether rightly so or not is debatable but he needs to come out with some support for Brown or else do a Wade commercial and say "get me outta here..."
This thread seems to me to be a rabble-rousing thread that contains no new information at all and is just one of those times to throw up a new thread just to have a new thread. It makes sense that Kobe would want to keep the focus on promoting his new foundation and he is right, it isn't the time or place to discuss the Lakers or coach Brown. This article is an opening to take this molehill and make a mountain out of it.
PSP, Make sure it gets buried deep with no head stone so it can't ever be found. Better yet, dump it in the ocean... BTW, are you going to need a new handle now that practice season has retired :)