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Jeff you should not use your todo list to do the weekly review. Weekly review is the only thing that will tell your if you have done progress through days and weeks. If you show you weekly review (it can be a 'list') and your todo list to someone they will say it is of two different people which means, You do lot different then what you want. Ideally have a buddy to do your weekly review. Don't do it alone with a tech gadget. Todo list is natural for us, even if we use tools for it or not. For example, My mom thinks of things to have before making turkey preparation in form of list, she might not write but it's in her head. If I loose my drivers licence which I do a lot, then I know I have pre-defined list. 1. File complaint with police, 2. Collect the letter of notification from them 3. Fill up the duplicate licence form from at the Driving authorities. 4. Etc, etc. There is no running from the list; and things will not be auto-solved if you stop using the todo list or app.
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Oct 4, 2012