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That's an excellent piece, Wil, thank you for sharing it. I think far too few people take the time to 'look up' while Mother Nature quietly shows off her wares, so it's really nice to see someone writing about it.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on starry starry night at WWdN: In Exile
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#Livesinadifferentcontinent :( Sounds like you had a blast, Wil. Oh, err, you could always make us unlucky types feel included by a little Burrito storytelling action, you know ;-)
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I'm in a similar boat, Wil. As an iPhone owner, I've been following the hype-machine for iPad with some interest. However, I'm still not 100% clear what the USP will be on the device. It's starting to become clearer though - I watched some demo presentations by Penguin/DK books of their upcoming educational iPad apps. Some of them, particularly the stargazer app where it seems you can hold the iPad up to the sky with both hands and get a superimposed constellation view with names etc displayed as you move around, looked AWESOME. I was going off the idea of buying one, again on the cost basis and 'what was the USP, again?' (in fact, I was looking at a netbook) but 'unfortunately' received around 75% of the cost in monies for my "39 + or - 1" birthday last week. Looks like they probably will get a sale when it arrives in the UK end of April... They do have a bit of a magic wand in product launches, it seems. Pity that some of their control freak business methods (total control of the App Store and how iPhone devs are treated) leave a bad taste in the mouth. Did the article you read have some firm non-mainstream boardgame apps being launched or was it just speculation? Sounds like your USP box could be ticked there.
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Wow, Wil, you must have some kind of mystical ability to make an RFB that lasts exactly the length of my lunchtime walk! Thats kind of like a third sense? Thanks man!
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Mar 2, 2010