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Arsenal is making sound Financial decisions. If you want to pass judgement then pass it on the management on the field. This isnt a boardroom problem, this is all Wenger. These guys arent leaving for the money, they arent leaving to play champions league. They want to WIN something. And without that direction on the field then they have no choice but to sell.
I love it!! Arsenal weren't gonna win this season. nor the next let that man win something. Its Funny if he was an MLS player it would have been weeks of how the league was bush league and mean for not selling him, now its he's a traitor and blah blah blah if you had an opportunity to work for an awesome company and make a boat load of money with great benefits I'm pretty sure you'd leave too.
Yea He is decent but he can't play for us so why keep bringing it up? Besides if Marcus Tracy signed with mls instead of randers he'd be farther along in his development, at his rate he is already behind mwanga, bunbury, Braun, and mcinerney.
What is up with the tartan army??? They seriously need to get guys playing in more than one league. The spl has made that entire fa complacent.
I live in gwinnett county north of Atlanta you can find a pick up game or a field to use at any of the Parks in the county, its not structure or futsal that will bring the next big thing its desire and opportunity the more kids that see an opportunity to play and make aliving then more kids will stay with it, and we 'll start to create pitch rats instead of gym rats.
The simple mistakes killed rsl today, the game was lost once they took out Morales, b
Man, this is tough to watch only because rsl is going to get aggressive and thats what leads to the flopping... sucks.
It looks so empty at the Wigan v Chelsea game... I don't get it how can these teams pay there bills like this. I wonder how much a ticket is.
I don't get your question spectors not getting minutes either, plus the point many people miss when debating lthese types of arguments is that if Alston or Franklin had an EU passport they could easily be in the same position as spector.
Actually I was talking about his brother.
He is on the u20 squad he can play either left or right back he plays at Akron he imo is very very promising.
Spector hasn't looked good for awhile now personally I think if Alston, and Franklin or even Valentin progress in this time he very. Well could lose hid spot.
No way stu looks good out there I don't like that he's the more defensive mid I think he is the better of the two passers. Bt he and mwamba.
I don't think Coles foul was a red, yellow yes but not a red. Arsenal areso weak without cesc Wilshire shows his youth he needs more patience inthe middle. Liverpool look like themselves though a big pile of Scouse crap.
More like new england should.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Fire waives Busch (UPDATED) at Soccer By Ives
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Mar 22, 2010