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Ann Seeker
Interests: My interests are drawing, painting (pastels), yoga, gardening and study of Gurdjieff's teaching of The Fourth Way.
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Mar 15, 2010
Ted, Thanks for the comment. Its nice to know that someone is reading these posts and even finding them helpful. I hope that at some point you are able to have lessons with an Alexander teacher. It is so hard to get a correct sense of our own posture. Best of luck, Ann
Hi Sandra Thanks for the comment and I hope you were able to find the meditation. I love the graphic at the top of the Articles page on your website - Is it copyrighted or may I use it on my blog sometime? Ann
Hi Ian, Thanks for the link - Ill take a look at that meditation. I have been pondering whether Ill continue with Appelbaums trilogy. Hes not an easy read, so I may take a break. The SUNY website has this description of the next book, Disruption: This book is about the disruption of the intellect that awakens consciousness to its wholeness and purpose. When consciousness is fractured, its world-making powers are momentarily disrupted. In the gap, during which spatio-temporal categories of thought cease to apply, consciousness realigns with that which it is meant to serve. The moment of self-remembering--shocking, unique, and truthful--leaves a call to obedience in its wake. To refuse to respond is to cease to be human.
Hi LibraMoon, Thanks for sharing my post with your Yahoo! group. You have some beautiful art work on your blog - Ann
Thank you! I was wondering if anyone was reading them.Writing these posts isreally forcing me to ponder the material and find the connections.
Hi Ian, Thanks for the thoughtful comment and link. You can certainly use the Ouspensky quote. If you want to read his whole answer it is on page 124 of The Fourth Way. Ann
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on Krishnamurti on Craving and The Word at A Seeker
Yes, I remember hearing some analogy about the different ways being like the spokes of a wheel and as you get nearer to the hub (truth) they get closer and closer together. Unfortunately, in this present era too many people think that on their own they can jump from spoke to spoke - usually when the current spoke gets too difficult. There is little understanding today that you need the guidance of a livingteacher who can see you objectively and keep you on the spoke. The glorified concept of independence is put in service of the ego and werun in fearfrom the idea of submission. Lots to ponder from your Krishnamurti quotes and videos
Bill, Thanks for the link. Ill add it to my sidebar.
I like the image of the wave pattern. Another image that I find helpful is of the body being the anchor to the present moment. The emotions and the thoughts can pull me too much into the past and the future. And I want to be Here!
Thanks for the comment, Ian. What I find is that I get too concentrated on what I am saying - too much in the head brain. I lose the body and emotions and so then Ive lost the balance.
Thanks for the comment. I was looking through your blog last night and saw the pictures of Salinas. I taught driver education there for 1 year a long, longtime ago! I dont know if you saw my post about the December seminar in Florida - Awakening to Ones Real Self, the Gurdjieff Approach. Ive been to a lot of Mr. Pattersons seminars and usually come away with some new insights. Heres the link for the cost and sign-up info
Thanks for the comment, Leland. I like the image of being a spring made of springs.