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Wow, they seem to have put more effort into the plot than I would have expected. That said, I don't think I'll be watching, sex or not. It's kind of an uncanny valley effect. Seeing a bunch of people who look like, but aren't, the TNG cast. It doesn't look like there's a Wesley in this, if there was, would it feel weird for you Wil, or would you be okay with it? (let's assume an 18+ Wesley, otherwise, well...that would be just wrong)
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Wil replied to someone above, says "Yes. I'm working on Volume 2 right now, and plan to release it around [REDACTED]." I'm looking forward to it too.
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Wow, I didn't know you'd done some of those audiobooks. I'll definitely have to pick up a couple. I enjoyed your reading on Just A Geek and Happiest Days Of Our Lives, so I know you'll give a good read on the others. Cool to see that you co-read the Boneshaker audiobook. Shame it wasn't just you (nothing against the other reader, I just prefer a single voice throughout). A friend sent me a copy of the book for christmas, and I'll admit, having not heard of it, I wasn't too charged up to read it, but seeing that people such as yourself and Cory Doctorow had given it a thumbs up, it bumped itself significantly up my reading list. I'll also put The Android's Dream as a must buy. Scalzi has been on my 'to read' list a long time (yes, I know, I've not read any of his work, shame fills me). This is a good reminder to me. Man, why do to read/watch/play/listen to piles never get any smaller? Anyway, useful post, and don't be afraid to self-promote. Your work is great, and you're not exactly forcing it down our throats. This was a useful post, and I hope it makes you many shiny rocks which I hear can be exchanged for goods and services.
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