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So, James is gone. But he at least tried to keep himself there. It was pretty much a done deal, but he still didnt just sit back and take it. He was a good game player.
Sadly, Adam put up James. I love James. Actually, I love any player that 'play' plays the game, and not the be quiet and play when you HAVE to. I have to give credit to those few who have worked hard, and won. I believe they are the people who should win every season of Big Brother. I always hate to see a person win who didnt really do anything! Thats why im glad they rarely, if ever, win. But-back to this season. I love James, I wish he'd win, but sadly unless he does something crazy, he's going home tonight. It would be stupid of the house not to vote him out. He's a very strong player. I can only hope all strong players who really PLAY the game-the whole season-win.