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Ashwin Raghav
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I think Gates' comment is quite invalid. In general, "you either have it or you don't" things do not quite exist. As much as i can empathize with developing an interest in programming instantaneously (you having it in you), I think acquiring the skill (say on the lines of optimization) is something that happens over time(and can only happen that way). How do i know what is optimized code, how to optimize code and why it must be optimized in the first place? These are questions that will be answered only as you accumulate knowledge which is a function over time. So developing an interest in programming can be you got it or you don't thing but certainly not the skill itself. And the fact that you developed the interest is really because of a sequence of events in your life that resulted in you being able to appreciate programming and accept the knowledge when it came your way. Call it coincidence or chaos theory.
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Aug 19, 2011