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Ole Eichhorn: "This is one of the reasons I don't like abstraction layers. You can't predict exactly what they're going to do, and you [mostly] can't read the source code to find out." I have the EXACT SAME issue with projects that use inversion-of-control. Makes it IMPOSSIBLE to figure out the flow of the code unless you're using a debugger! I also hate the current "minification" trend in web dev, because it creates source that's completely indecipherable. Yes, I can go grab the un-minified version from the original site, but what if a specific website has made their own changes? Code should not need documentation external to the code itself to be understandable. Fin.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2012 on Learn to Read the Source, Luke at Coding Horror
@Martin Drapeau "... we decided to push presentation and business logic to the front-end in Javascript..." So users can potentially change your business logic while using your app? Smart move. As for the discussion at hand, I still don't understand how it is that we're in 2011 and Windows can't apply kernel updates without having to restart. It's not the restart itself that's the issue, but the fact that I have to reopen everything I had running after Windows has done its thing. I don't think it's a problem of technology, more a problem that no-one has tried hard enough yet to implement the desired behaviour.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
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May 25, 2011