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No excuses. Don't want to hear about lack of 4 & 3 star recruits. Don't want to hear about # of players that have left the program. No excuse losing to Duke in that fashion. Completely out coached. Period!
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Ross has chosen Martin's side because it appears he's taking a stand against bullying. That's the politically correct stand. Martin couldn't take the pressure, criticism and scrutiny of playing in professional sports so he quit but he wanted to keep his money. He'll get everything left on the contract and he'll sue for loss of future earnings. He'll be able to set NFL precedence by having the league outlaw hazing. A less than mediocre offensive lineman will go down in league history and get millions of dollars. Hopefully he can look in the mirror and accept who he is.
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Can't be soon enough. Other than actual games ESPN has become unwatchable.
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Aug 15, 2013