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Jackie Aurburn
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o'malley is the worst governor ever. Md is #2 in food stamp fraud and welfare is at 30% fraud level because of illegal aliens on welfare using fake/stolen ids. He calls them his "new americans" and they all vote.. Look who he gave Stimulus $ too..A cut rate liquor dive.. Md lost almost 4000 business's since Omalley imposed the largest corporate tax heist in the country for our businesses at 8.5%..He lies like hell.. See for yourself.. We are now the 4th highest taxed state in the country and next to last for job creation. Md among top 10 in country for mortgage fraud and guess what county has the highest percentage of illegals and foreclosures? PG county!! .. Governor o'liar caters to his "new americans" his illegal aliens who vote. The taxpayers in md pay more than $2billion a year to support their scams while they get welfare and work our jobs. We have large companies that are allowed to hire them like Whiting/turner.. and he turns a blind eye. WELCOME TO O'MALLEY LAND AND THE SANCTUARY CESS POOL OF A STATE MARYLAND..
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Aug 3, 2011