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Thank you for the post. I'd really love it if filmmakers tried harder to recreate the times as they were. After all it's why we watch the movies. I have one small quibble: Mr. Darcy was not being complimentary in Pride and Prejudice when he asked "Do you not feel a great inclination, Miss Bennet, to seize such an opportunity of dancing a reel?" Reel was considered proper for a familiar, family setting. Darcy proposed it at home, and not during a ball. He really wanted to dance because he was already in love with Elizabeth. And what dance could be better than one in which he could both show off and become more familiar with the girl? Lizzy thought that Darcy wanted to offend her, because she chose to think he didn't like her and that he was a very unpleasant man who wanted to purposefully harm others, but she was wrong about him throughout half of the book. We shouldn't read Regency customs from her attitude to him. Caroline Bingley, who was privy to the exchange, didn't think that Darcy wanted to offend Lizzy. On the contrary, his behaviour towards her rival alarmed her even more. On the other hand, Lizzy wasn't blind to Bingley's offending other girls by singling Jane out, and yet she didn't mind it at all. Customs are customs, and romance is romance.
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Dec 4, 2010