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i make it a point to always tell the truth or hold my tongue. i hold my tongue a LOT though. i feel there are times though when it is reasonable to lie: * if the lie will protect someones life (no, im not hiding jews) * if the lie will protect a friend who has confided in you (if you prove you cannot be confided in, people wont confide in you and in turn won't trust you as much) times i consider unreasonable: * if the lie serves only to protect myself (except to protect my life) * if the lie serves only to protect someone's feelings. basically i take the vulcan approach to lying.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2012 on Trust Me, I'm Lying at Coding Horror
for me code has always been a useful tool, i want to do something i could grind it out or i can spend a little more time to make some code to do it for me, using code to make novel solutions, to query or manipulate data, to automate computer functions, or just to make my life and my work easier is what i feel code is there for. i find in situations like this i like to look to harry potter coding is like magic in the harry potter series, there are those for whom magic is their goal, who work to be the most powerful witch or wizard, and there are those who look down on people of lesser magical capabilities and see them as inferior, or that they should disappear entirely. then there are those for whom magic is a tool, such as the weasleys, for them magic is a means not an end, an enchanted dish scrubber, or broom, different things performing tasks to make their lives easier and more productive. and we should remember that sometimes its fine to use code as a tool, and that just about anyone can benefit from learning to code. there is nothing that says they must make elegant code, or production level code, or even share their code. maybe their code is useful only to them, i think we shouldnt discourage anyone from coding, and should encourage EVERYONE to code.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
"If no one went to the polls on election day, or no one voted for a democrat or republican, it would be a huge victory for the people" ok suppose for a moment there were 100 people in america (because this is a mater of ratios not bulk numbers a simplification is apt) suppose 60% of them didnt vote the number of voters drops to 40 people. of those 40 people 16 vote democrat, 24 vote republican. the republican candidate and the democratic candidate both want to do terrible things to the internet. now those 60% who abstained from voting did so because they didnt like either politician's stance on the internet. the result is a candidate who wants to do terrible things to the internet is elected, the 60% abstaining didnt do anything useful. now strictly speaking the 60% wouldnt do much useful for voting for one of them either, the solution is this one: "write in a candidate" but i would go further, dont just write in any candidate, find one that matches your views that you can get behind, and if you dont find that person run yourself. you will never get the approval of the mainstream media but that's the great thing about the internet...we dont need it. or find someone you can get behind and convince him to run and support him. the political system isnt blocked out to us lesser beings, we can run, we can win. the outpouring of sopa opposition has shown that WE are still in control that WE when we raise our voices together can still effect change. and i dont just mean president, there is too much focus in people's minds on the president but he is just a figure head, i mean all levels of government: mayor, governor, local state senator, congressional representative, national senator (each state has a congress with a senate and the nation has a senate comprised of 2 senators per state), school board member. the cost of liberty is eternal vigilance, people have to pay attention to what the government is doing, they need to get involved in the government. they need to vote for people who are on their side no mater what the political party, they need to run for offices and attend meetings. because no mater what the zeitgeist might be today we have seen many times that the voice of the people still elicits fear in the politicians (such as nixon having john Lennon deported so he wouldnt rally the hippies to vote against him, the recent upheavals in tunsia, egypt, and throughout the middle east, and the opposition to this bill) as well it should, they should always know that they are in office to represent US, that it is WE who elect THEM and that this is still a republic by the people, for the people, and answerable TO the people. thats how you prevent corruption in the government, if you do not get involved you make the government your parents and have no right to complain when they treat you like children.
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Jan 27, 2012