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Every city needs to use these to fine and block registration for gross polluters, usually selfish truck and motorcycles with no exhaust.
The country that is most efficient will be most prosperous. We can only hope the US is part of this beneficial competition.
Trump is a dullard. The brightest minds are leaving America.
Propane is refinery waste, cleaner than gasoline but not that innovative vs electric I feel.
Clean Energy is still Big Gas and fracking, owned by T Boone Pickens. Far better to go all electric, BYD Proterra!
Great news, renewable diesel seems to be the way to go vs dirty diesel in our cities.
Awesome innovation and more responsible to the taxpayers too!
Electric buses are far more responsible to taxpayers.
Is that a Cruise device? It looks a bit modular.
Renewable natural gas, not fracking is key. Electrify in the cities.
The most exciting thing about CNG is the ability to use biomethane from landfills and wastewater,dairies in place of gasoline refining. It's a bridge to electric transport.
They charge a lot more than gasoline in Austin for one.
This is really great news when CNG vehicles are run on RNG and the Redeem renewable methane available in California.
Natural gas in the form of renewable methane, RNG is a useful fuel for our needed climate work. This is most of what's sold as Redeem in California. I have natural gas Civics and a passenger bus ready as all CNG cars are for these very clean fuels.
For this price, I wish people would buy electric cars.
Amazing, love the swift action! What will they do with pipe already in place?
At first, I thought it made free wifi for poor areas. That would be coolest.
Does VW make the eGolf or any clean vehicles here?
Awesome for our climate!
Big Banks are evil, that's why I have a credit union.
I'm really interested in renewable diesel like west coast cities have converted to.