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This simply MUST happen. I will contribute to the Kickstarter as soon as it's announced.
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The other thing: trying to keep Kim's son B's postcard secret last night at dinner was difficult. It hasn't arrived in Houston yet, and my inner geek is all "Wil did this GREAT thing JUST FOR YOU but you can't see it yet because it's in the clutches of the US Postal Service!" but I managed to keep it all inside. B and I did have a suitably geeky conversation about the cruise, though. He's currently obsessed with JoCo music. I approve.
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One of the highlights: open karaoke night. Cayenne starts absolutely SLAYING "Bat Out of Hell". Vi Hart, Stepto, you, Anne, Ryan, me, couple other people at the bar all stare open mouthed at each other in amazement and you said "They're really swinging for the fences tonight!" That lead to a truly incredible conversation with Ryan after his attempted RickRoll was thwarted by technical difficulties. My head's still trying to process the stuff your son has already sorted. That doesn't happen often -- and frankly, I find the challenge refreshing. You and Anne have raised a couple of pretty damn amazing kids. For all the wonderful things you've done, in my book, that takes the top prize. You're probably the one Famous Person among the performers whom the less-nerdy folks in my life have heard of (although if I tell people "the PC guy from the Apple ads was there" they get it), and I've gotten a lot of "what's he like?" questions in the last couple days. My answer? "Wil really is that awesome. But not only for the reasons you might think. He's that awesome because he and his wife have raised awesome sons. He's awesome because he embraced his wife's boys as his own and been a great example to anyone else in a similar situation." Sheesh. We're getting old, Wheaton. But better. Except for the need for reading glasses.
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Kim is a complete Settlers addict. I usually, in a tribute to my Celtic ancestors, wind up with way more Wool than anyone could possibly need, but not enough ore, wood, or wheat. We came out to the Sea Monkey Pool deck just about in time for the "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAATTTTOOOOOOOOOOON!". Kim wished she could've joined in. Something to do for next year. :D
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Since I missed you at w00tstock 2.10 in Austin, because you were off doing something for actual money or something like that, your entire repito.. repat.. oh, hell, your entire fleet of stories is ripe for live performance as far as I'm concerned. (Say it with me now: "I'm an engineer, not a linguist!") As for the formal nights, I'm getting formal. Because I bought 2 new suits just for this cruise since the ones in my closet have mysteriously shrunk around the middle section only.
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And all the little Smurfs, in their tiny Santa hats, realized their "Will Trap" had captured Wil Wheaton, not Will Farrel, their intended target. Worse, when they tried to release the Wheaton, he gathered the Smurfs unto him, for he saw his next "BBT" guest appearance theme...
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Dec 3, 2010