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Wil, Thanks for making this statement. Two quick questions: My impressions from my limited contact with people in any branch of "old school media", is that apart from the true nerds such as yourself and John Scalzi, most of them believe the MPAA party line about piracy, have a general fear that they are being ripped off left and right by the interwebs, and are surrounded by other people in the media industry who confirm their fears rather than (as you are doing here) educating them. It's not that they are bad people at all, they just don't understand how anyone could be opposed to rules which are ostensibly about them getting their due. 1) Is this your impression as well?; and if so 2) What can be done about this? Has anyone mounted a concerted campaign to educate actors, writers, photographers, etc. about how the Internet works and why trying to kill it is not in their best interests?
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Jan 18, 2012