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The simple explanation for Morrison, Coghlan, and others on this Marlin team stems from the OBVIOUS fact that the background created by this obnoxious Guillen and front office has caused these good players to be "hung up", "not themselves", "tight", and not capable in Miami of playing as they can. Put these players in a Pirate, Giant, Met, National, or Red Sox uniform and they'd be terrific. It is NAIVE to write about this $100,000,000 Flop from Luria & Co. without dealing with the detrimental and nasty atmosphere created by Guillen and the bosses.
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Hope Mr. Wray proves to be a good lawyer, who will pursue the LoMo case. Luria & Co, and some baseball owners act as if rookies may be treated with aplomb and in disregard of personal rights as a player.They are mistaken. This comes from the false notion that owners and union bosses may cut deals and thereby avoid anti-trust laws!! They are mistaken. The rookies have No union goon speaking for them; but they have rights as citizens and this includes free speech rights and the right to speak out about a team. Luria & Co. have no legal right to impose a speech restriction on Marlin players and forbid them from commenting on the financial and baseball disaster this "management" has sunken to. I will stop here: as an attorney, Morrison should file a federal case---and get a judge to decree him to be a "free agent" because of Luria & Co. violations. What would the Yankees pay for Morrison: a stellar first baseman with a natural swing who could pop 60 home runs a year into the cheap "porch" in right field at Yankee Stadium. Morrison to New York==equals over $40,000,000. File a suit, get free agency. Morrison is worth a fortune, and will produce for it, with baseball's competent managements. Here'e to LoMo: he's got spunk, brains, savvy, and talent. Go for it. Get away from the sinking ship called Florida ("Miami") Marlins.
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Aug 15, 2011