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I actually agree with your post -- though I don't choose to live it. Here's the deal: Anyone unwilling to adapt to the needs of another should not be married (or in whatever brand-name of long term relationship you want to have). It will not work. It cannot work. Like you said, don't waste time. I think we're taught that independence is the ultimate goal -- and that's incorrect. Independence is the beginning of maturity. Doing something together, greater than a solo act, is the real goal. If your parents hadn't achieved that (or at least tried) you wouldn't be here. :)
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on Diary of a Single Dad at MetroDad
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The pseudo-mystical irrigation and stabbing you're about to undergo will work, because it will distract you from your natural aches and pains by giving your brain new ones to ponder. It's like magic. It's all about distraction. :)
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Mar 5, 2010