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"Get the facts, first." Yes, indeed! I have yet to see Roberta Moore supply any facts or evidence - she appears to align herself with supremacist organizations and then attack everyone else when found out. It appears to me that Ms. Moore is behaving like an Islamic supremacist herself. Let's have the facts that we have all been asking for.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on The Evil That Men Do at Atlas Shrugs
If 80% of Sharia is compatible with the constitution, as is often claimed, then 20% of Sharia is unconstitutional and 80% of Sharia is unnecessary. Simple! No need for Sharia at all, so why are they complaining about outlawing something that they claim to not want to implement and is shown to be unnecessary by their own claims?
Congratulations Pam - Well deserved!
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Nov 7, 2010