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azmi ramzi
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Years ago when I was a street fashion photographer. I had my ex-British girlfriend dress up as a Chola by fitting her in with tight clothes, mini-skirts and black high heels to show the sexual effect. She used to choreograph at the Stanley Holden dance studio on Pico Blvd which is now closed by taking up lessons in Jazz, Modern Dance and ballet. In fact she was dancing classical ballet since 7 years in England where her royal upper-class family can afford lessons from the Martha Graham school. She had a muscular body but was very conscious of getting fat when I told the dancing instructors at the Stanley Holden School that she needed to be put on a diet regimen because we were shooting street fashion which freaked out the dancing instructors because I was shooting for LOWRIDER magazine. This was around 1991 when the FOX television show LIVING COLOR was on and JENNIFER LOPEZ was still on. Actually white girls with big butts have been going on a long time in this country but social conventions like the media and other authority figures SHAME the white girls from doing this. For example my ex-British girlfriend came from the Royal family and is white as well as the white girls I use as props pressured me not to reveal their names or post their pictures except for my private portfolio and for the magazines I work for because of the SHAME of dressing up as GANGSTER GIRLS, doing rap dances and posing with CHOLOS. In fact I asked them first and told them this was all about but they wanted to be FREAKY because they are in rebellion against their PARENTS. Society condemns these people like the book THE SCARLET LETTER but I hope SOCIETY accepts THESE SOCIAL CONVENTIONS because this is the REALITY!!!!
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Whenever I return to Los Angeles this place gives me the goosebumps. I always like to eat the local food and drink some beer at the local bars. Growing up in Beverly Hills, this place was liberating when I first discovered it in the mid 1980s!! There was a huge clothing manufacturer that set up shop here in the 80s that went out of business a few years later. I also did my street fashion shoots with anglo women dressed as cholas with LOWRIDERS and real GANGSTERS in the background. This was a photgenic place mainstreet advertisers did not want a part of. I am glad the LA TIMES published this article because this is a place ANGELENOS should look at.
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Live from Reno Nevada. IF YOU THINK THE LEBRON JAMES MOVE FROM THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS TO THE MIAMI HEAT WAS EARTH SHATTERING!!! The Hot August Night move from Reno Nevada to Long Beach Califronia will HURT THE NEVADA ECONOMY!!! Senator Harry Reid has nothing to do with this because HE IS A DEMOCRAT!!!! Mayor Bob Cashell is a conservative Republican as well as the Hot August Night President Bruce Walter who supports Republican causes in Nevada!!! Hot August Nights has been here for 24 years appeals to conservative Nevadans because of THE CLASSIC AMERICAN CARS. Bruce Walter is like LeBron James dangling Long Beach to bring the event there!!! If the Tea Party is winning in America and Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle of Nevada is ahead HOW COME SHE IS NOT ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE??? Thousands of Jobs in the Reno Casinos will be lost and Senator Harry Reid is held accountable for THIS!!! when Republicans are in charge of this event!!!
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Here is the scoop for you journalists there is a lot of interracial relationships right now with GANGSTERS guys who have tatoos and wear funky clothing going out with Middle-Class and Upper Class women of differnt races which the media isn't reporting because they feel it is not safe. In the late 80s early 90s I was one of the OGs going out with a high-class British women. Unfortunately I broke up with her because I was too controlling and had to go to therapy to change my ways. Psychological Analysis doesn't prove anything because OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!!
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Jul 9, 2010