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uncle joe mccarthy
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looking forward to your post mordem i ran into someone who went to the con this person works for one of the many small production companies here in los angeles this person admitted that the con is now "the" networking site for hollywood they dont give a crap about the comics (except for possible future deals), and now, the con is filled with these people. this individual stated to me that the con should be split, so she and the other suits can have full access to the poor shlubs just waiting to be taken on the hollywood roller coaster. damnit...i want my con back oh, and i hear that the twilight moms destroyed day 1
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happy bday wil first, you dont look 37 (whatever that means) geekdom keeps you young and as one who is significantly older than you, i would give my right thumb to be 37 again
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wil can you adopt me? 5 hours gaming with your son? you are the best
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what is and why were they there? and she wasnt all that cute...and after watching the lame heroes panel, im starting an online buzz to get wil cast as a villian...and to have him die at the end of the arc so we can kill two birds with one stone...get heroes good again and finally kill off wesley crusher
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Wil, as you are a longtime attendee, i would really like to hear your thoughts on what the con has become. Although I never ran into you (my loss, your gain) I attended the con from 87 to 2003 and watched as it morphed into what is now, a very large press junket. I am well aware that jack kirby predicted this back in about 76, but im also sure that he thought comics would still be front and center and it would still be a place that the fans could come for their one time a year family gathering...but now that is pretty much gone, as the con is filled with tweeners wanting to see stars from the twilight panel. I really miss going to the con, but there isnt a point when you cant really get to see anyone on the floor, and it kills me to think of the twilight panel having 6k screaming girls, while the golden/silver age panel gets a couple hundred...if that. I would bitch to evanier, but he thinks we og are being silly.
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