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Cheer up, younger Wil. It'll all turn out ok.
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Funny thing, I just watched the ep. last night and when you said, "I'm living rent-free right here," I immediately thought that it sounded like it came from you rather than the writers. It had a subtlety and character to it that honestly made it my favorite line in the show.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on The Wheaton Recurrence at WWdN: In Exile
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Super #1 video game memory? Tron at the Blue Whale in Yachats, OR. I think how badly I got hooked on that one alone was responsible for a childhood of arcade addiction. Y'know, more and more my own nostalgia is making me wonder what the next generation will get nostalgic about. "On demand" entertainment was really just starting to become a thing, but generally as a kid I still had to WAIT for stuff. Video games were mostly standups in our usual restaurants or the arcade when I got a chance to go, cartoons were a Saturday morning event, and being able to rent something new on VHS was a pretty big deal. Basically, with all the stuff I remember anticipating so much now so omnipresent, I have to wonder what's going to really stick for kids 20 years from now.
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Yeah, I've heard about that, and I have something awesome in the works. This is like the "cellar door" of fandom statements.
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Feb 24, 2010