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I have to agree to some extent with the backlash against this post and your previous post, I do think you're missing the point. It's not about learning to code, it's learning *when* to code. Despite what we would all like to think is common knowledge - that computers are good at doing repetitive tasks, this is still widely unknown amongst non-technical users. Ineffeciencies and problems that could be easily automated are highly prevalent in a vast number of companies, yet those running up against these problems don't even seem to recognise that they're problems that could be solved with a computer. I completely agree with you that not everyone should become programmers, but the easiest way to help users understand the problems that programming helps to solve is to teach the very basics. To try and use your plumbing analogy, if water starts spilling across your kitchen floor, everyone knows to call a plumber. If people in your company spend all day typing the same values into the same fields of a database or a spreadsheet, it's still not largely known to call a programmer. The second, slightly orthogonal issue is that the essence of programming is generally not taught in schools, meaning we're missing out on the opportunity to introduce the most suitable students to the field unless they stumble upon it purely by accident.
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May 28, 2012