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I agree. But, since he wants to be a martyr, I say, "give him life without any connection to the outside world while pumping the 'Barny Song' in his room 24/7.
When the Islamist split from the Serbs and declared their own separate state, immediately the US and the UK were first to state "We do not recognize this state". Germany announced, "We do recognize it". What happened afterwards was a shock to all of the world. The US bowed to Germany and then began bombing our WW2 ally. Remember the death fields? None were ever found. Germany by recognizing the break and claiming a separate state for the Islamist gave Germany what Hitler attempted with war. In fact, it should come as a warning, "Germany has gained everything Hitler attempted through war but by using the EU and through peaceful means. Check out the geography. Yes, Clinton bombed our WW2 ally the Serbs after denouncing the Supremacist Islamist breakaway state. I remember it well and was so ashamed to be an American under this cowardly man "Clinton". His responsibility to this dastardly act didn't even raise an eyebrow then and has today been almost forgotten. But, the Serbs are still suffering. Thanks Pam, truly only a person as yourself would dare to keep this tragedy alive and to demand, "Where's the justice"?!! /from Clinton to Islamic Totalitarianism to World Human Rights.
#EDIT: Pam, not to have your hard work taken for granted, I sent your page on this issue in to Sen. Garassley. As well, as posting on Fox News's GretaWire, your work is accredited, though it's getting it out there that is the most important.
I have just sent in a message to Sen.Grassley's Whistle-blowers page on the coverup you've posted. This Communist Regine in the WH has got to go. This case was so promising of getting at the very least, Holder, though I wish higher. Solyndra isn't possible as when the Feds confiscated those documents it was to save that freak in the WH and not for justice. With the FAF case we would have justice served to the murder of a US Border Agent, who was only armed with beanbags. Beanbags! Spitting in the face of this dead man, tells me so much more about this current Obama Regime.
Pam, As with many other Americans, we support you, because of not only for the truth you give us, but the content, which in itself proves you and we love to support any patriot with such a love for the many things we all love as well, to which I could name dozens or more of these things that make us Americans unique in the world. As I mentioned in a tweet to you on this issue, I've been receiving damning tweets and e-mail, but not to you extent. I am not sorry to reveal, that I leech of your hard work, to get your and our work out there into cyberland, as well as to inform any I can personally. I am taking a stand with you and can never do enough. A big problem in informing others is they DO NOT want to see past their own back yards. Frustrating, to say the least. This is more of an issue than it was in the pre-Pearl Harbor attack days attitude of Americans that time. But, today, the issue is not to let the world burn and not get into the fight as in the days prior to WW2, but is an issue to have our country burn from inside while most of America sleeps. How is it that any American, who loves our nation and people, who have a deep concern over the atrocities happening all over the globe and who have a deep love for Israel, would not support you is above reproach. It is to me, what it is, un-American. Regards...Garry
ARNOLD CARL TAPP, too little too late. We've seen the video of the terrified child who admitted he was scared. You and your buddies are the worse of human waste. Jamie Shafer, you can't be serious! Absolutely terrorizing the most precious and tenderest of America. What these people wanted to hand out candy? You have no heart at all like Arny boy.
Like coming out of secrecy from the bottomless pit is a good thing. It should be a warning signal to the entire free world.
Yeah, that's karma folks! Wouldn't it be wonderful if some angel bought the building after the mosqueteers were evicted, and built a memorial to the well over 270 million victims of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements? That's what belongs in a building destroyed in the 911 attacks. This has got to be the most impressive and American thing to do with that hallowed ground. Pam, your American insight and heart still sends patriotic chills down my spine. This nation needs its cheerleaders. I know you don't do what you do for compliments or else you would of been a failure from the start. Just from this website alone, is the proof in the pudding. But, as deeply as you're appreciated for all that you do, at the least, a thank you from America and from her people are only a show of much gratitude from us.
This is as low as you can get. I'll go to jail for sure and will not solve a thing, but I'd like to go there and catch them harassing our children!
The Islamic Totalism ideology has always had Jerusalem as a global jihad prize. If not for the Crusades there would be no other religion there and any remnant of it would long ago of disappeared. This cannot be accomplished until the downfall of America. We will not and cannot let America fall. The entire free world would fall like a house of cards. "Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty."-Samual Adams How far is our national security at risk as well as our freedoms and liberties? "To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. .I place economy among the first and most important of republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared'. – President Thomas Jefferson If we don't get the Big O and his Regine out of there, then it's over. The American experiment will have failed. I can't write enough to get this message across. baldeguy56/Garry B
I am from the early 7o's and was somewhat taken in by the hippie culture. We thought we were right, but we weren't. The same rebellious minds of the late 60,s and early 70's has unleashed onto society, 40 some years later, a violent group replica, being another reflection of the earlier rebellion. What a dangerous and violent group with more insane anti-social activity, which adds violence as the new way of expressing dissatisfaction with the society and government. The WS Occupiers, are the sons and daughters and grand-kids of the hippie culture's results onto the American society 40 years earlier. These people are pointless unacceptable American baggage. The party's over people! Embarrassing! Even being held guilty as an once anti-social nutcase myself, I don't remember violence as this group has. We always had the regular fist fights on the city streets, but it was more of a survival thing. But, we kids didn't snapped onto society in a hateful, violent, and racist way as they are doing today. Watching this group daily has me more remorseful than what I did back in the day. Since their our kids and grand-kids, can find them at these protests or whatever fiasco it is and put a foot right up their ass all the back home and work?
They seem to have their nose everywhere. When will they be indicted? Not in this current crazy administration. Good Pam, you are not a toy of Islam and your decision to cancel is honorable indeed.
GeorgeOfTheJungle Yes, there is some violence in the Old Testament and the Koran. The difference is when God told the Israelites to take and kill all in Jericho, He didn't say, "Now go out onto all the earth and do likewise. The Koran does command its followers to conquer the whole world as is the case of Islam's 1,400 years of terror. Murdered are 270,000,000 innocent people. Whole cultures and civilizations were wiped out, their woman raped and the children sold in slavery. Quite a huge difference.
The Syrians need to figure it out for themselves. Look at all the countries where the US was involved and now you have combined Islamic Totalism nations having very similar, if not exact, of like mind connected thru pure Islam. Thanks O! I would hope the goofy UN stays out as well. Syria would be another takeover of the Muslim Brotherhood, who no doubt have long had their operatives in place within Syria. A very patient and devious Muslim Brotherhood have worked maybe 30 years on this global jihad stint. Hopefully, the sleepers here will wake-up and realize we're being attacked from within before we befall Europe's demise.
Like we're really supposed to believe there were death threats on this madman. As far as the prince, he's coming out and doing what is natural as does Awad al-Qarni. Islam makes you crazy!
Remember the old days where a cop was taken hostage and the re-action from our police was, it's a shame for the officer, but we don't negotiate with kidnappers and terrorist? What, that's old-fashion to the O and his Regine. Why are the conservatives in DC letting this go on? The big O, from his Middle East exploits, has advanced Islam's global jihad. He and his Regine have advanced jihad here in our country. I don't know for sure if it's intentional or out of pure stupidity, but the big O remains a secretive character with a shaky background and from his moves, he's no American.
I remember in the time of Menachem Begin, a man I admire greatly, that it was Israeli policy when they were attacked, an immediate retaliatory strike was launched. It worked well considering that when met with force, the Islamic crazies run for the wind. Begin knew that the only thing they understand is force is met with force. But, that was then. Now, Israel is condemned for defending herself. While the world remains in appeasement mode the "Arab Spring", which is not an Arab awakening to desiring anything free, but is rather, an awakening of Mo's global jihad, the entire world lies on the brink of complete defeat from Islam. Mo would be pleased at how easy it was made from idiots such as Campbell.
"with a fountain – sprinkled with rose petals – gently bubbling at its center" Or so pretty. Makes me want to vomit. I have nothing wrong with art, but used in the context of appeasement and aiding in the jihad, it's disgusting. Equally disgusting is this piss-ant Campbell. How dare he to use that day of the 9/11 murders and attack on freedom, to promote Islam. "the depths and magnificence of the Islamic tradition." That would be over 270,000,000 murdered people and still counting was a main accomplishment of wonderful Islam Campbell didn't mention. Yes, Pam he can bring up to date his exhibit by adding those items and this video posted in Jihad Watch as well showing how really wonderful Islam is... As I see in action these idiots getting their euphoric doses of political correctness, which is a nice word for self-righteousness, it just disgusts me. And having them do this in our nation makes their actions appalling.
Ah, this is great. I hope they smack this incompetent occupant of our nations highest position, being the security for the protection of America from enemies from within and without right out of office. I was ecstatic by her duh, duh, oh I'm busted look and answers. What is troubling on the other hand, is the seriousness of the matter. If it would go as it should, not will, Napolitano, is fired and or brought up on charges would the ones that have input in any prosecution (hopefully) or bringing to prosecute, be those that would get her off somehow. The extremist are in their places within our government by a free ticket to exploit it to the jihadist objectives of destroying our nation from within. Napolitano needs to step down, at the least. I believe she was used as an unknowing tool for the advancement of jihad, but given her job position she is not qualified. Her job position is reflective of one that is on a military level. A General or a Captain from any of the many branches of our military would be removed from their duty of responsibility for a lot less. Napolitano failed her duty at protecting America, her citizens, and had instead, aided and abetted to individuals as well as groups of our enemies. The whole US system needs disinfecting from the top down... "When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil'. - Thomas Jefferson
If Tyson assumes this is a long term solution, they're dead wrong. As other appeasing companies are finding out, more and more prayer time will be taken, which will lead to the whole workplace being divided. Appeasement is not an answer, but an incentive to the push of Islam.
Yes, that sounds okay for the uninformed, though it should not be this way at all. 1.Most Americans should know what our right to Freedom of Speech is. 2. If this little Snikie was in fear of exactly what he claimed, then he would of called the police to safeguard the hotel and it's occupants while a group of Americans held their meeting. This 2. is directly connected to 1. Think Eckley knows what Freedom of Speech is?
Yes, indeed. This Arab spring is nothing other than an awakening of Islamic global jihad. Democracy isn't what these nations are after. It's all power gain. The thing that concerns me is the fact of how history shows that the Islamic nations will put their differences aside for a common cause. The last time Islam united was when they all attacked Israel.
This is so funny, but also angers me that this man doesn't have a clue to what he's doing. But, IMPO,that will not stop his plans to tearing this country up. He'll continue his political games, trying to divide the country further, while this most important year he could set us on a road to recovery, which is far from his plans his anyway. Watch and see this man bring this nation to it's toes as he pumps out his ideologies, but stealthily, while he trumps around for votes instead of doing his job.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2011 on Silence, Gd willing? at Atlas Shrugs
This goes way beyond teaching our children modesty of dreess. It is teaching Islam. I gave a calm letter to the shcool. I espounded on the lessons goal in of itself is good, but without any illegal practices, such as pologamy using a country that has human rights issues, especially with in giving women equality (sent in the US State Dept's findings on Saudi human rights violations)and not to teach a religion or its' ideologies. It was all I could do to not throw in there blind politically correct un-American nitwits. How dare you delibertly lie to our children with the sole purpose of teaching them Islam under the guise of muticulterism and using a tool such as modesty to insert the brainwashing. Man, am I angry at this! I ended the letter with the importance of teaching human rights and equality under the law and to use our Constituion as the model. "Teaching the human rights and equalities as found in our Constitution will teach our children that all people are equal under the law and will cause them to grow into well balanced young adults knowing what is right and what is wrong".
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