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Yep. That's right. We gays set you up, boo boo gone gone. We have so much influence that we tell the U.S.A. government what to do. If you "fans" of boo boo gone gone really believe that, you are stupider than you already have shown. We set him up and it worked great. We used the government and set him up like this because of his inciteful, despicable, murderous anti-gay lyrics. Now suck on that. Life in prison as a cocaine deals financer. LIFE. Big chunk of years at least. Wonderful that he is even having to comtemplate it happening to him. The Grammy voters should be ashamed of themselves for selecting this het/religious supremacist as a nominee for anything. The Grammy voters have earned themselves a Shame Award for their apparent ignorance and lack of compassion for an entire class of people.
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Feb 13, 2011