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Balsee Won
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I am eccstatic that Doc decided to finally go deeper into his bench than "Peaches" and Dooling (though Keyon has been great for us in the past two games) and rediscovered Marquis. I would also love to see a little more Sasha a little earlier than garbage time. He's played with LeBron back in Cleveland, has a solid body with size and he can hit the open 3 most nights, so if Peaches continues his Mikki Moore impression on defense, it might be time to scale back his minutes and see what Sasha can do. Three minutes...if he isn't rolling, sit him back down again. Ultimately, I really believe that the C's can beat the Heat with sustained defensive energy and executing the passing game at all times (not just to get a lead and then revert to "hero ball, as others have pointed out) not just for the next game, but for the series. Then again, it may be a foregone conclusion that the C's win this series:
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Jun 2, 2012