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you cannot have a progressive conservative. The two terms are diametrically opposed. To be conservative denies the existence of progressive thought, indeed, the very idea of conservatism is the anti-thesis of progressive thought.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2011 on Progressive Conservatism at Menzies House
I personally thought Albo's affront to the position of Speaker virtually announced a motion of no confidence in Harry Jenkins. Certainly, Albo was doing his job, just as Pyne was doing his as he saw it. The bottom line being that both of them were out of order. Pyne through his fanciful and hypothetical reference to the imaginary, Albanese via his direct and uncalled for challenge to the authority of the Speaker and the respect the position is due. Standing orders exist for the the benefit of the Australian people, ensuring that our Parliament - let me emphasis that adjective - OUR Parliament, runs as efficiently and civilly as is possible, personal or ideological angst's not withstanding. I was quite shocked that a member of Parliament from either side of the box, should dare to stand and in a demanding tone, call out the Speaker of the House in such a disrespectful manner. I fear such occurrences are becoming far too regular, as is the decline in rational civility in the House during a period of sitting when the people tend to pay more attention, seeking information from their representatives which doesn't normally arise outside of Question Time. Certainly, Question Time exists expressly for the purposes of those non-government members seeking information from their opposites, to ask relevant questions about government policies, activities and initatives. I don't see Question Time as existing for the purposes of personal character assault, ad hominem abuse or otherwise logically fallacious accusation. Such activities serve the people in no way whatsoever, and contribute to the demeaning of the Parliamentary process in the minds of we who rely upon it in the democratic process. Equally, Question Time does not exist for the purposes of the government of the day asking itself leading questions for the purpose of self-aggrandisement or as a launch pad for returning fire along logically fallacious lines. These 'Dorothy Dixer' queries are tiresome and a complete waste of time. OUR time, which we, the people, are paying for. The general behaviour of OUR Parliament and those who sit within it, is base, crass and unbefitting of so-called political leaders. Argument can be robust without becoming personal or non-sensical. Parliamentarians can conduct themselves with much more decorum than is currently the case, new paradigm or no. I would like to see the position of Speaker of the House become much more forthright and exercising of the Standing Orders which exist for efficiency and efficacy of the democratic process. At the moment, the Australian Parliament is a complete farce, filled with name-calling fools and spiteful, vengeful gargoyles. For mine, the highpoint of yesterday was Rob Oakeshott's contribution to the Carbon Price debate. Pointed, factual, enthusiastic and genuinely emotional as behoves a representative doing his job as he sees it best done. It's a shame that an Independent, on his own, has to show the major parties how it's done, but that seems to be the way of this so-called 'New Paradigm'.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2011 on Question Time: a case for reform? at The Drumroll
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The irony of Menzie's House even considering this fools input doesn't escape the rational among us
It's absolutely eerie reading that, given that as I listen my way through 'Just A Geek' as an audio book, what you pulled from the past is what I listened to last night. That exact piece. And the recall to reprise Wesley Crusher in 'Nemesis'. A very touching tale and one that clearly aided in your recovery from self-doubt and 'prove to everyone'. I'm all too keen now to get hold of your subsequent books.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on From the Vault: Still Cool at WWdN: In Exile
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