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Mar 15, 2010
Fred, Wonderful post, thank you! I agree - in the not too distant future, subscribers will have a better sense of what sorts of things they want to receive via email vs. SMS vs. Twitter, etc. Certainly, I suspect that we will not want to recieve eveything in every channel ;) So marketers will want to demonstrate their willingness to meet customer and prospects in those preferred channels. Here's the rub for any pref center - at any level of sophistication or depth.... if you build it, they will not come. Pref Centers - just like any website feature, must be marketed. The commitment to do so must be there, or why bother?1 Subscribers must find it and find it useful, and visit often for any preference center to add value. THANKS Stephanie @StephanieSAM
Dela, as always I love how your mind works and you certainly show here that there are levels of inactivity. However, I beg to differ. This whole concept you advocate here is just another excuse for poor email marketing. You are talking about the "edges." Not the core of a good email marketing program. If 10% of your revenue came from people who had been ignoring your email messages for a year, then 90% of it comes from those who have actually found some value in your program. Which of those groups buys more? Which are strong brand advocates? I'm sure it's the 90%. Where should you put your energy and talent and resources? Certainly in the application of creating meaningful subscriber experiences for your most likely customers. Why settle for any portion of your audience completely ignoring you?! IF you do settle, and if you are content to only sell one thing to me once a year, then email me for the three months around that lifecycle. And save the rest of the effort and expense - and reduce your deliverability risk from expired addresses. Would you prefer that I buy 2x a year or increase the number of products I own? Use email to engage me and strengthen the relationship, not just put me on "pause" until my renewal notice comes up. Best, Stephanie Miller VP, Return Path
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Just wanted to add an author's note: Here is the link to the inbox deliverability vs. delivered article that I reference above. Sorry about that missing link! Stephanie
Thanks, Scott. I agree - marketers have to demand stronger reporting and more aligned data integration - only then will vendors provide it. On the other hand, many marketers don't use the reporting that they have today, so you can see why vendors might not put this at the top of the product development queue.