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Yeah, Jeff, sorry, I gotta agree with everyone who disagreed with you. This is a shockingly short-sighted blog. Did you write this just to get a bunch of views? Taking your approach, why would students be taught history? Handwriting? Mathematics beyond what you'd need to balance your checkbook? Should people not learn science if they aren't going to be scientists? Learning for the sake of learning is pretty damn virtuous. Learning only what you need to learn in order to get through life... Well, that's pretty horrible. My 8yr old son asked me to teach him HTML, because he wanted to understand how all that stuff gets into Google Chrome. Because he wants to understand things. Just like he asked me how radio works, and how the internet works. Should I not explain it to him because he isn't going to directly leverage this in his life? Yikes. Geez, every time I go back to look for more examples of how absolutely inane your arguments are, I find more things even more inane than the last.
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May 15, 2012