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Robert McCarty
I'm writing books for dog lovers and children.
Interests: Friendship and family, books, , travel, films, dogs, peace, soccer, learning, joy and laughter...
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This blog is dedicated to the power of story and the worlds of wonder and imagination that are the world of children's literature. And to therapy dogs, that help reluctant children banish fear of reading. Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2014 at Barking Planet Children's Books
There is a new mythology by George RR Martin that has a huge audience in books and as a TV series. Game Of Thrones, like the European history on which it is based, is filled with treachery, violence, and darkness. Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2014 at Barking Planet Children's Books
The Kalevala contains the folk legends of Finland, passed on in rhythmic verse through the centuries by rune singers, story tellers..The Kalevala swept through Finnish consciousness, igniting feelings of national identity and a great flourishing in all the arts. "For Finnish intelligentsia the Kalevala became the emblem of the nation’s past, nationality, language and culture; a foundation on which national identity was to be built....Tolkien was influenced by the Kalevala.. Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2014 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Once again, a teen age girl and her boyfriend must kill and destroy other people in sanctioned mayhem. I'm hoping parents understand that there is an air of realism in the Hunger Games films not found in Disney or Miyazaki films. There are unanswered questions about the effects of this dark fantasy on children. Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Folklore and Fairy Tales...where the past lives on in the present... Fairy Tales and mythology continue to permeate our world in mass media for children and adults...."The fairy tale is in a perpetual state of becoming and alteration. To keep to one version or one translation alone is to put a robin redbreast in a cage. A fairy tale is not a text"... Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Reading is a turning point in life for a child. Folklore and fairy tales are filled with turning points...leaving home, overcoming difficult obstacles, finding hope in dark times. In this blog, we explore -- from John Locke to Neil Gaimon and Kevin Maher to Maria Tatar -- the importance of books in the lives of children. We also explore the contributions of therapy and service dogs to lives young and old. Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
The forest has played a major role in children's literature from the earliest time. The forest was mysterious, a place of unknowns and often darkness and fear. From legends to fairy tales, the forest was a place of wonder and often a place of danger...from Winnie the Poo to Little Red Riding Hood, the forests, like the books that embrace them, have opened the doors to the imagination. Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
There are thousands of new books every year. Their qualities are mostly unknown. The question is...which stories and ideas should a parent, teacher, or librarian look for to enhance the lives of children. Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Therapy reading dogs are helping millions of kids to loose their fear of reading and opening the door to a world of imagination and learning. We believe that dogs can also teach kids about unconditional love. Kids can learn about courage and loyalty from dogs. Dogs have healing qualities that reach people of all ages.These incredible abilities of dogs are the foundation for the Planet Of The Dogs books. ................................................. Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Congratulations! I will be writing about your achievements in donating and supporting service dog organizations in our July Barking Planet Blog. Robert McCarty Barking Planet Productions
The boundaries shift and change as the children grow, and time passes. The quest remains the same... To read books that open doors to both the real world and to the world of fantasy and imagination. Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
From the Odyssey to Snow White, from the Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney, the revision of folklore, fairy tales and mythology has always been evolving and changing... Remember the game where a group of kids (or adults), gathered in a circle, whispered an anecdote to the person sitting next to them, who then repeats it to the person sitting next to them, until the telling has gone full circle? Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Out in space, on the other side of the sun, is the Planet of the Dogs® Dogs have always lived there in peace and happiness. Long ago there were no dogs on Planet Earth. Peaceful lives were being disrupted...Invaders threatened Green Valley... Children were kidnapped and taken to the Castle in the Mist… two of Santa’s reindeer were missing and there would be no Christmas. The Planet Of The Dogs series tells of how dogs came down to earth to help bring peace, to teach people about love, loyalty, and courage – and to save Christmas. All books in the series have the dogs finding non-violent solutions to danger created by violent rulers and warrior tribes. Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
The importance of children's books in opening the mind to the door of life and the world of imagination is beyond measure. The importance of a dog in the life of a child is also beyond measure. It was from thoughts like these that the Planet Of The Dogs Series evolved... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books
Compromising or changing a story for the purpose of wider distribution and bigger sales in the world of children's books, and movies made from children's books, continues unabated -- a practice that extends as far back as the brothers Grimm. Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2013 at Barking Planet Children's Books