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Barnaby Dawson
Interests: Mathematics, Recorder, Walking, Cycling, Programming, Talking...
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Mar 15, 2010
Snap! I just posted an article on my website with a proposal for a replacement of copyright which I also called usage right. I talk of a new privacy right too (for personal data). I don't know if my 'usage right' is really the same as what you have been talking about but why don't you take a look and tell me: You can contact me/comment on the idea here: I'm off somewhere now but I'll watch this video of yours soon and perhaps provide you with my humble opinion. Barnaby Dawson
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Firstly I don't think that a complete definition of a subject is always required before discussing the subject especially if no one can yet give an attempt at such a defintion. Secondly the claim that for moral progress to exist there must be an abolute morality is flawed. Logically speaking there could be multiple differing moralities which never the less agree on the existence of moral progress. Indeed there can be infinitely many moralities each of which views moral progress to have occurred. As an example consider mountaneers climbing a mountain. They may have differing measures of how difficult it is to reach a particular ridge or way point but they may still be able to agree that climbing from A to B would constitute progress. No absolute perspective is necessary. I am making my argument for morality from my moral perspective. If you doubt/disagree with my moral perspective enough for it to influence my argument then say so. Don't just retreat behind a post modernist fascade.