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"I DO NOT WRITE CODE ON INTERVIEWS" You attended an interview, hand-wrote some code to answer a question, and they stole your code and put it into their product? Presumably upon leaving the interview you were accosted by aliens who took you aboard a space ship and probed you anally. This is perhaps the most preposterous lie I've ever seen on a programming forum. If you or anyone equally deranged wandered into an interview with me and refused to complete an interview question on the basis that they thought I had invited them to an interview in order to scribble on some paper a solution to a problem I was myself incapable of solving in order to enrich my codebase, not only would I have them immediately and forcibly removed from the building by security guards, but I would slip the said security guards some money to give them a mild beating outside. Lunatic
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Feb 27, 2010