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Scott Bartlett
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Wil having read your everything on the web for almost a year; I was hoping that the person that came to our comic-con would be the same. I am very glad to see that you didn't disappoint. Although I missed you at story time (foolish me thought I would able to purchase a ticket when I got there) I still enjoyed listening you at the Eureka and TNG panels. I thought the best part was at the TNG panel when you were telling the story about how you got into the last TNG movie and how you felt you were too young to understand what you had been given while on the show and how much it meant to you now. I am honored to say that got to hear you speak and look forward to seeing you next year. I felt a little guilty dumping dice on you while doing the photo shoot but you said you wanted them. BTW I hope the ensign joke doesn't get back to Patrick or he might make you pay up :P crap wrote way too much.....[edit] just saw the long post above me now I don't feel as bad
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May 30, 2012