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While I certainly appreciate your distaste of advertisements and promoted entries/tweets, etc., I remember a few months ago you were doing that silly Heineken promoted tweets thing. I found it distasteful then, too, but it made your distaste seem a little less genuine.
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A kiss from Marina. I am well and truly jealous, good sir.
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I set down my cell phone at the supermarket yesterday. I walked out of the store and left it on the self-checkout machine. I walked right back in less than three minutes later when I realized it was gone. Saw three teenage girls take it on the security cam. So far it hasn't been used for anything. I have Lookout installed on it so the moment it has a data connection it will lock itself and get located. I don't think I'll get it back, though.
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I would totally go to Wheaton's Radical Brewcade (you can have the name) and drop quarters into Mickey Thompson's Grand Prix for hours on end!
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I second a couple recommendations to take Alton Brown's brewing episode with a large grain of salt. He is a food expert, but not the greatest expert on brewing beer. Don't sanitize with bleach ever. Use star-san or another no-rinse foodsafe sanitizer. Also, don't boil your grains. Steep them.
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Budweiser in Europe is not a pale ale, it's a Czech Pilsner, which is a lager. Being a lager doesn't make it bad. American macro lagers are brewed with corn, rice and other adjuncts to thin out the grain bill. That's what makes them nasty, not the fact that they're lagers.
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Jul 8, 2011